Monday, January 6, 2014

A starting point

I'll start off, what could be many, Christmas posts with this one.  Dylan's Christmas performance.  Ok ok, so he might not be cut out to be a performer, but at least he is cute while he tries.  This was kind of like the Thanksgiving show, though I'm not sure he knew any of these songs, as when we would ask him what he was singing, he answer was always " I don't know"  Luckily, this one was in the evening, so there would be no question if Daddy could be there  or not.  Grandma, Papa, and Bubba ( Graham) were in attendance as well.

You see, we had to drop them off about half an hour before show time, and really all that meant was that we had to entertain Graham for that amount of time.  Luckily, he is SUPER into my iphone right now, so he was a happy camper!  Soon it was show time.

This show, it had all the kids at once, the 3's and the 4's. So while his buddy Carson was on stage, he was on the opposite side from him.  We were in the front row, and right in front of Dylan.  He was super happy when he saw us and really just played, and made faces at daddy the whole time.  I thought the kid next to him was pretty hilarious, you could tell he was not buying this singing stuff!

After the show, they had cookies, and drinks in the gym.  As soon as my kids heard cookies, we knew there was no way we were missing that.  It was already pretty late, so I was ready to go  home, but we went and got cookies, and I took this opportunity to take a picture of all the boys together.  This is about how they went!  As Becca pointed out, notice all the plaid!

Maybe I should have done it before the cookie?

We told them to make silly faces.