Monday, September 22, 2008

I got excited!

I was thinking about all the leaves changing, and I remembered that we took some pictures of the dogs in the fallen leaves in our back yard! We had just gotten Bailey, so she was still as cute as a butter ( To bad we didn't know what she was going to turn into) So I thought that I would share! You'll have to get past how amazingly beautiful and cute our dogs are to see the leaves. I hope you can manage!
And Because I thought it was cute.. bailey trying to chase a ball... Please excuse what I am wearing, not sure why I had a wool coat on with FLIP FLOPS!!! Guess it's a TX thing!

Welcome Fall

It's official! Today is the first day of fall! I can't wait to watch all the leave change! If there is one good thing about living in the Northeast, it's seasons. We get to see the leaves change colors, and fall, then we get some snow, they we get PERFECT Spring days, and mild summers! I'll miss that part of PA! One of the many perks of fall is the food! Pumkin Spice Lattes have become a drink that I look forward to having in the summer... thank you Starbucks!

I was home last night while Adam was up at school working and I was in the mood to bring fall into the house, so I took my Pumkin Room spray, and my pumkin spice Hershey Kisses and went to town! I made DELISIOUS Pumkin Spice Brownies, and sprayed my house to smell like pumkins, it was AMAZING!

I highly recommend making a trip to the nearest Target and picking you up some of these hersehy kisses. I am waiting to get my hands on the Carmel Apples flavored ones, which I've heard are to die for!

After making dessert I decided I need to make some real food for dinner, so Lasagna it was. HOMEMADE... I even made the tomatoe sauce, sadly not with my home grown tomatoes, but that because we had eaten them the day before with some fresh mozerella cheese and olive oil!!! The Lasagna turned out delicious, I even took a picture of it, because I was impressed at how much effort went into it!

Adam and I both leave town on Friday, but for once in the almost 8 years we've been together, we're going in seperate directions. Me to Texas, him to Japan! Alright, alright, his is a LITTLE more exciting, but oh well, you can't win them all!:)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend activities!

We had a GREAT weekend. It actually started off on Friday because Adam didn't have class. We spent all day in the house, we didn't leave once. It rained all day so that made it even more perfect. We watched all of our DVR shows, and two movies. We did some cooking, and then went to bed to watch the shows we had recorded up there!:) Saturday we went out to Atlantic City with our friend David. I really enjoyed going with another person who was on the same level as me with gambling!:) Adam got to go and play poker ( which he won money doing ) so that's good, we actually had a GOOD day playing blackjack and didn't lose money!! When Adam was playing poker, David and I went into the horse racing room! I DO believe that is the BEST way to spend the day at a casino!!! We were betting $2 on each race, which ran about every 15 min, so in the mean time we were DRINKING!!! We came to the conclusion that the money we lost, we made up for in alcohol, so we were happy! We got back home around 3AM, and went to bed. I must have been so knocked out because I didn't even hear Adam get up to go make breakfast! Though I was delighted to go down stairs and find, homemade pancakes ( not Bisquick), bacon and eggs waiting to be eaten on the table!:) YUMMY! I have the best husband!
Monday, Janelle and Aubrey came over and we enjoyed some time of Aubrey scaring Bailey. She was crawling after her and climbing up on the couch to Chase her, it was sooo cute. We went to lunch, babies R Us, that store is dangerous, and to home goods. Here are some pictures from her playing with the dogs!

She took Bailey's ball, and well, she wasn't to sure about her after that!

You can't see it in this picture, but Bailey was laying on the couch, so Aubrey was going to get her!:)

Aubrey chewed on that bone in her hands more than either of the dogs ever have. Though last night, Bailey ONLY wanted to play with it! I guess it just need a little baby spit flavor!:)She was laughing at the dogs in the picture also!

Her mom had picked her up, because she was throwing things on the ground, but she was clapping at the dogs, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seven Years

I can't believe it's been seven years since September 11, 2001. I remember that day becuase Adam picked me up for school and it was all over the radio. Neither one of us knew what the Twin Towers were, but I remember him saying " Some buildings in NYC were hit by a plane." I remember it being on all the TV's in school, and how girls soccer was the ONLY after school sport that didn't get cancelled. I was lucky enough not to know anyone who was in NYC at the time. Though if something happened like that today, it is most likley, that Laura, my sister in law would be greatly affected. She works at the World Finacial building, which is just steps from where the twin towers once stood. Her building had all of it's windows blown out and was closed for a good part of a year for repairs. 2001 was about 3 years before she was ever in NYC, thank goodness. I went to NYC a few weeks ago and got to see the construction site at ground zero, though it is a slow process, they are surly making process. There is going to be seven building where there once only stood two. There is plans for a green " park" like space. It will be a remarkable space once it is finished. Here are a few pictures to give those who can't see it in real life, but there is something going on to remember all those who were lost that day. It will be interesting to tell our children about that day, seeing it's already in history books.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm going to cave...

With all the talk I have heard the last few days about the " Twilight " series, I'm going to pick up the first one tomorrow! Since I've started working a rather uneventful job, finding a good book sounds like a good idea! So we'll see how it goes!:)
I finally went to get some new glasses today, they'll be in in a week, so I'm excited! Adam's first week at school is going well, his stuido is still planning on going to Japan in 2 weeks, but yet have no hotel reservations or anything! So we'll also have to see how that goes!:)
We're about to watch Sweeny Todd, I'll right more later!:)

Friday, September 5, 2008

The man I married...

IS THE MOST AMAZING HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!:) I came home today after work, and he had purchased some things that I have been wanting, Downy Wrinkle release,and the new scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaner. Haha I sound very domestic! But ALONG with those he got me a dozen pink roses, which not to sound cliche, but are the prettiest pink ones I've ever seen. Once they open up I'll take a picture! But he is also making me a gourmet dinner. On the menu is ginger grilled chicken, with a side salad, and home made ( by him ) individual chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ICE CREAM! I have to say... I MARRIED WELL!:) I don't think I could love him anymore!:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Time!

One of the many perks of only working part time is that you still have time to do the things you want for example, Cook, clean, workout, and GO SEE "BABY"!!! Ok her name is Aubrey! One of my first temp jobs I had I filled in for a girl who went out on Maternity leave, well it happens that we have become pretty good friends and I went over to her house this morning for some babysitting, ( which didn't happen because her plans got changed, so we went to a long lunch instead) Aubrey is the BEST baby ever, she is the happiest little girl in the world. We went to lunch and she just sat there in the high chair, didn't scream or cry once... I gave her some of my lemonade, which was too cute for words! I can't wait for her birthday part in October, where she is turning the big ONE! I am glad that I got to spend the day with them, even though I'm exhausted now, and have to go to work tomorrow!

Adam's first day was yesterday which went well, he got the studio he wanted which is fantastic. Before he even knew what the studio was about he could look at the class schedule online, and we saw that there was a " trip " set for the end of September into the first week of October, the exact time I'm going home, which works out perfectly. Well we couldn't figure out where it was because his site for the project is just in Jersey City, so we were a little confused. He did find out yesterday during the studio presentations where it was for... and he gets to go to JAPAN!!! How cool is that. The " school" is providing $2000 for the trip, which is really just money he paid in the extremely high tuition costs that are UPENN, but oh well!!! Now I have to think about what I want him to bring me!

The other day the dogs found a little family under our deck, but they didn't wanna eat them which is surprising, but here are some pics!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another year begins

Well today was officailly Adam's last day of summer...EVER. With that we celebrated with a small BBQ of sorts. We had a few of the school friends ( the ones who were in town) over for an afternoon of hotdogs,beer, frisbee, and swimming. Though only Adam and one other guy were brave enough to hop into the pool that is COLD! See, with days only averaging about 84 degrees here the last few days, it doesn't do much for heating up the pool! OVer all I think everyone had a great time, and it was one last relaxing day before their last year of school kicks off.
I on the other hand start " work " tomorrow. I will be starting an eight week part time temporary position, working in an HR department of a tax software company. Sound fun huh?! Lol, it's basically going to be an event planning job, along with putting stamps on envelops! I will be assisting in the organizing of a company wide Health Fair, everything from booking the vendors, to having to food tables set up nicely. It should be fun. It will at least give me a little bit to do while Adam is back to work!!!