Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tessa {11 Months}

She did it again.  She won't stop growing no matter how much I beg her!  Geez. She is eleven months old.  Crazy.  It's hard to believe she is almost one, and that she has been here a whole year.  It's scary because it just shows us how quickly time is going by.

It was a big month for her.  Like I mentioned last post, she started school.  She is only going one day a week, and so far is doing pretty well.  Of course she cries when I leave her, but that's to be expected.  I know that when she starts going two days ( in the summer) she will get more used to it, and it won't be a big deal.  Her teachers tell me she is pretty shy, and doesn't really like to be around the other kids, which is pretty strange since she is kinda used to chaos in our house!

She finally got another tooth this month as well.  She might have gotten her teeth first out of all our kiddos, but she is sure getting them the slowest as well.  I'm sure you are wondering if she also got her fangs first, just like her big brothers, and the answer is YES.  She is a little vampire baby. She only has one right now, but I don't think the next will be far behind.

This month also brought on sickness for her.  She got a tummy bug. I'm pretty sure those are the worst, but like her oldest brother, she seemed to only get sick in the evenings in her bed, so we often wouldn't find out about it until the morning.  Gross, I know.  She was very snugly and very sleeping during her few days of sickness, and it took her just a bit over a week to get back to eating normally.  I know she lost some weight, because her thigh rolls are basically gone, which I know is a mix of finally crawling and getting sick.

Speaking of eating, this child will eat anything.  ANYTHING.  I'm sure the boys were eating anything at this point as well, but she seriously hasn't turned down anything.  I also loved that I'm at that stage where I don't really have to worry too much about what I give her.  I mean I keep an eye so she doesn't choke, but I'm not worried about allergies.  She has had berries, and peanut butter for about a month now.  I also gave her some hard boiled egg off my salad the other night, she loved it.  So I'm hoping that she continues with this trend and isn't a picky eater!

She is pulling up on furniture now, but she really shows very little interest in walking.  She doesn't like to move her feet. We have been trying to get her to walk with the dinosaur walker toy, and she will just fall down to her knees and laugh. She is silly, but honestly, I think I'm OK with her not walking, although I am itching to buy her some super cute girl shoes for spring and summer!

She has recently started babbling a lot more.  I'm about 95% positive she says "hi" even Dylan thinks it.  Even if that isn't what she is meaning, it absolutely sounds like it!  Lots of "yaya" "mama" dada" and even "BaBa" once.  I think she is just about where Graham was at this point!  She is getting better at waving, but won't do it on command, just whenever she feels like it!

She is still highly entertained by her brothers, though they have been a bit too " in her face" for her liking recently.  Graham has really not liked her messing with his stuff, and often yells at her.  She will have to learn they don't like their towers knocked down or puzzles torn apart.  They only thought they wanted her to move!;)

I can't believe the next post will be about her birthday party and her turning one.  I think time needs to slow down, because I'm not ready for my baby girl to not be a baby anymore. But I'm more than ready to be done with bottles and formula.  FOREVER!

11 Month stats:
18ish pounds
9 month sleepers
still in 6 month onsies, but needs to move up, but I'm trying not to have to buy much more long sleeve stuff!
3 teeth
moved her to size 4 diapers because I ran out of 3's and 4's were on hand.
3- 8 Oz bottles a day