Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Should have known

Adam and I went to see New Moon on Monday, which interestingly enough they are called " Twilight Two" at the movie theater. I thought that it was so smart of me to go on a Monday in the middle of the day, hoping to escape all the little tween girls who would scream and " oooohhh" over Edward and Jacob. But NOOOOOOO, we were in a theater filled with them. Usually I would have just sucked it up, but of course, I have to sit to the left of probably one of the ONLY 13 year old girls in the theater WHO HAD NOT READ THE BOOK... Ok Ok, so yes, Adam has not read the books, but this little girl would ask her friend "why would he do that, why did he do this" every. single. time. And no, she was not whispering. The whole damn theater could probably hear her!!! lol.. either way, at the end of the movie, everyone was like " WHAT NOOOOOO...." when it ended. Well if you have seen the movie, or read the book, you know what happens, I'm not sure why everyone was in shock! oh well, that's what I get for going to a movie about vampires who love humans!:)

I did enjoy the movie, but I knew it wouldn't be as good as the book, seeing that I've never seen a movie that was a good as the book, but I did enjoy the first movie too, and I own it, and fully instead on owning the second, third, fourth and fifth!!!:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crunch Time

----------> Points to ticker...

18 DAYS? WHAT? It's been crunch time in the Fenner house the last few days. Finishing up shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, bathing stinky dogs, rearranging furniture for baby stuff, and well, doing the UNTHINKABLE, putting up a Christmas tree BEFORE Thanksgiving!!! And that was all just in the last 2 days!

Adam asked me the other day, " Do you feel like you job is almost over, or is it just about to begin?" It's hard to believe that in a little more than two weeks we will be meeting our baby boy. As we've gotten closer, I have fallen in love with Adam all over again. He's just so cute, he talks to my belly in a Darth Vador voice:) Dylan seems to like it because he wiggles around. I still wish that I KNEW what he was doing in there, if just feels so strange!! I can't wait to see Adam actually with an outside baby! It's going to melt my heart. I'm so lucky to have him, and well, if I almost cried watching him burb a baby doll in our baby care class, I'm in T-R-OUBLE!!

In other news, we're having a day of pampering tomorrow. We're getting massages in the morning, then we're going to go to a place with gourmet southern food for lunch, then we're seeing NEW MOON!!! I reread the book last week just to brush up on it, and well I have not heard anything bad about it yet, so I'm uber excited!!! We'll see if I switch teams to Jacob, I don't think I will but MAYBE... I actually looked up how old Taylor Laughtner was the other day... did you know he was born in 1992????? DAMN, We're getting old...:)

Just a side note: I always try to remember to spell check before I post, and I ALWAYS spell because wrong!!! lol... fast fingers always wrong!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You would think I'd be used to it by now.

I've never liked Dr's. I really have no reason to have never liked them. I'm a healthy person. I haven't ever even really gone to the Dr. until I got pregnant. I suffer from some serious white coat syndrome. But you would think, with all of the visits I've had since March, that I would be over it. Nope.

Today was my 36 week, yup only four more weeks, checkup. Once again my blood pressure was up. Not really that high, but higher than it usually is. Though, he isn't really worried about it, because I don't have any other signs of a problem. No swelling, no headaches, and overall, I feel fantastic. I've got some energy, and I'm gaining the right amount of weight. So, he'll keep an eye on it and we'll go from there. His advice, do as little as possible, rest, drink water, and put my feet up. I told him, ONLY if he insisted! haha.

Now that you have my medical information ( which I know you wanted) I'll say it again. ONLY FOUR MORE WEEKS.. at most, maybe less. Scary thought. Adam has been on me since Friday to pack our hospital bag, I just haven't gotten around to it. Maybe one of these day's. Other than that, he is still working, though he will be done next Thursday, which is good, because I've made plans for us to go and see New Moon, the Monday after it comes out. Which happens to be the same day as our massages:)

We finished all of our classes, we are now in the know about, Infant CPR and Safety, Baby Care and Breastfeeding ( which I know ALOT of now, a 3.5 hour class will do that to you) We have one last thing at the hospital on the 24th, which is just a car seat check, to make sure we have the base installed correctly. Apparently the area has a 99 % rate of having them in wrong. So it's probably a good idea that we do it, even though it looks REALLY easy. We'll see!

Until next time...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where does time go?

Two years ago yesterday we brought Bailey home! She was just a tiny little thing. It was a long process to get her, I had been looking at puppies forever, and for some reason, that week I really got the bug. I probably sent Adam at least, 100 pictures of puppies up for adoption in the area, until FINALLY I sent him her. His response? " You finally sent me one I couldn't resist, go ahead and fill out the application!"

Delaware puppy rescue was the place we got her, so we were required to fill out an application, and do the whole process, I was terrified because they said they wouldn't adopt out to anyone under the age of 25, we were 22 at the time. But my compelling argument that we were not your " typical" 22 year olds must have worked. They wanted us to come out and see if we were a good fit for " Ayme" That was her name then. That night we drove to Delaware ( not far from Philly) to take a look. I held her, then passed her off to Adam, who well she licked ( the sign of things to come) love at first sight if you will. So we wrote the check, then off we went to Petsmart for some baby essentials. She made it all the way to the parking lot in Philly before peeing on me! haha, that should have been my sign. Then it was off to meet her brother and sister, Louie and siren.

Louie " Loved" her...
Siren loved her bed, not really a big fan of Bailey herself!

Bailey and I have a different relationship then Adam and her do. Most of ours involves sleeping.:)( please excuse me in these pictures)

Adam's relationship with Bailey is well... a little disturbing. She licks him. ALL. THE. TIME. We once tried to time her to see if she would stop on her own, she didn't. She swabbed his face for 5 minuets before we made her stop. ( Sorry for sharing that honey) But he loves her, and I watch him with her, and I can't EVEN imagine how fantastic he is going to be with our son. I don't have all the pictures on this computer that I wanted to put up of him with her, but here are a few, goodies! ( Again, ignore Adam in these, it was his morning wake up call)

Notice where the rest of her body is in these pictures.

Where did my once tiny little baby go? The sweet thing we brought home?

She turned into... well a dog, who barks, is afraid of everything, doesn't eat very much, really skinny,has weird ears,sleeps under the covers and is afraid of the grass!!! I tell her everyday she is lucky Adam and I adopted her, because if we didn't, she might have been taken back!

Monday, November 2, 2009


As of yesterday, I can officially say, " I'm having a baby next month!" And if that wasn't scary enough, Adam responded with, " Well it could be THIS month RIGHT?" OH GEEZ!!!