Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am a lucky one.

Many think being a "Stay at home Mom" is play dates, shopping, lunches, and naps. Though I do do those things occasionally, it's not a regular thing. Lucky for me, my husband knows better. Having Adam be unemployed for the first 7 months of Dylan's life was a blessing actually. He got to see how hard it was. He never once said that I don't do anything during the day, because he was there to see that wasn't the case.

The day of a stay at home mom is just as tough as a day at the office. Granted, it's a different kind of tough as Adam and I say. His work is mentally draining, and mine is often physically draining.

Taking care of an almost toddler is hard. It only gets harder the older he gets. He wants to move, he wants to play, he doesn't want to take naps, he needs to eat, he needs to be changed. He is a demanding little man. But not only do I have him to worry about but I have to keep up the house. This includes but is not limited to; doing the dishes, laundry, washing the THREE dogs, cooking, and cleaning.

What sparked this post was this weekend. Usually Adam and I switch off weekend days. Like I'll take care of Dylan on one day, and he gets the other. So that way we each get a day where we don't have to worry about him and can get things done. This weekend Adam sort of got stuck with both days, oops. Sunday after he put Dylan down, he came into the kitchen, hugged me and said " Honey, I appreciate you, that kid is exhausting."

You have no idea how great it was to hear that. Not that he ever accused me of sitting on my bum and doing nothing all day. But he got first hand experience that taking care of Dylan is tough!! But you know what? As cliche as it is, I wouldn't change anything. I am sooo very fortunate that I am even able to stay home with him, and I don't ever take that for granted. I love seeing every new little thing he does. Every day is a new adventure.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Menu

Alright, so I guess this is actually false advertising. We haven't thought of a menu for this week. Tonight, we had some spinach and cheese stuffed shells, which were yummy. But I'm not sure what we're going to be having this week. Friday night we will be out because we are going to the Rangers game.

Tomorrow I'll be making Dylan some dinners, maybe his peas will give me some inspiration!;) Gotta love pureed peas and cauliflower! Hopefully I'll update this tomorrow with a more thought out menu!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teething, Maybe

Anytime that Dylan is being a pill, or running a fever I blame his teeth. Usually I suppose, I'm wrong. I had been saying since about 4 months that he was teething, and his first pearly whites didn't show up until about 3 months later. This last week, I'm pretty sure something was wrong with my baby in the teeth department. You could just tell they hurt. If I bumped them with a spoon while he ate, he would scream, big crocodile tears would come out of his eyes, he just wasn't a happy man. From about Tuesday to Thursday, he was running a low grade fever and just not happy. I couldn't put him down, or he would whine. I can't stand whining. But Friday, my little man was back to himself(with no new teeth of course). Happy to report, that we've had a fun weekend also.

Saturday we went to eat with grandma and grandpa, made a yummy cake, and played and today, we've gone on a walk, and racing around the house in his car. Our neighbors stopped us on our walk and told us how fast time goes, and that their oldest was turning 17 tomorrow. I can't image him turning 17. I know this first year has gone so fast, he'll be 17 before we know it. Makes me sad. Their advice was also to remember these baby stages, because when they are 17, you'll need too so you don't hurt them!;)

We have lots coming up in the next few weeks, we are going to a Ranger's game, going to a wine and dinner pairing at a fancy restaurant and going to see Shrek the Musical. Now... I just gotta find baby sitters!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once Again...

Maybe I should call it, " Whatever day menu's" Lol... this week is going pretty quickly. Monday night/ Tuesday morning, Dylan woke up 3 times. Now, I'll tell you, he has slept through the night since about 8 weeks. Maybe woken up at night like once or twice since then. So I'll tell you, I was not a happy camper when my poor baby was up THREE times on Monday night! Then yesterday, he started running a fever. I'm pretty sure it's those top two teeth, because for the most part, he feels alright. He is playing and happy, just a little fussy. He managed to sleep though the night last night and is down for a nap right now, so everything must be good! So... on to our menu this week.

Monday ( Wednesday) Menu:

Burgers ( we ate these last night at 9, so we had a bag of chips with it. Healthy right?)

roast beef sammies, with the left of pot roast

Spinach and ricotta stuffed shells

So nothing too exciting this week. Now I've gotta go clean!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Aunts are funnnnnny...

Sometimes, you'll do anything, even look stupid on video, for the sweet sound of baby laughs.
On Friday, Dylan thought Aunt Erin was the funniest thing he had ever seen!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well since I can't seem to sit down and write a good post , not that I have much interesting to write about, i thought that I would do a list.

1. I finally made myself a camera strap slip cover. It's not perfect, but it looks pretty cool.

2. Dylan is starting to pull up on the furniture, but has been a very needy baby the last few days. I think it's teeth, but hell, I ALWAYS think it's teeth

3. I got his clothes today that I ordered from old Navy, his sweater vest and sheriff shirt are too cute for words.

4. I'm just booked us a family photography session for the end of October. Our first professional pictures. I hope to make this an annual event! ( Dylan will be wearing sweater vest mentioned above)

5. I have been a reading fool. I finished one book last night ( book 10 of Sookie Stackhouse) and am starting a new one tonight

6.I am running in my FIRST even 5k race on the 25th. I don't think I'll be able to run the whole way. I have a mental block that says I can't do it, so I always stop and walk. I think it's because I think I can't do it, because I haven't ever done it!

7. I have already started thinking and planning Dylan's first birthday party.

8. Getting Dylan to eat is an everyday struggle that wears me down. Ever. Single. Meal.

9. I for once have already started buying Christmas presents. I am proud of myself, though I know I will have to buy last minuet things Christmas Eve.

10. I joined a 20 somethings mom's group. I have RSVP'd Yes, to two events next week. Hopefully I'll make some new mommy friends!

11. After 2 months, I finally went and introduced myself and Dylan to my new across the street neighbor.

12. I'm so excited about what I'm getting Dylan for his birthday, I want to order it now, but I know I can't because I'll give it to him early!

I think that is all the random things I can think of now.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Late Again... Monday Menu

Well, once again, Monday slipped by me. Not that I do anything to important, but we were out and about running around yesterday! So this week's menu, was made mostly by Adam, because he did the grocery shopping this weekend ( it was a treat, he even took Dylan, so I had the whole house to myself for like 2 hours!!!)
You might also notice a few repeats, its not because we liked it so much that we are having it again, but more because we didn't get around to having it when I originally posted it. With Laura being in town, we've eaten out like 2 week, which is nice, because I can't seem to keep ahead of the game with a clean kitchen.:)

Mushroom Quesadillas from our Lourdes Castro cook book. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good Mexican one, very easy but interesting recipes.

Beef Stroganoff ( with left over mushrooms, and some of the 50 lb bag of pasta we have from Sam's.)

Creamy Taco Mac- I grew up on hamburger helper. I introduced it to Adam. It's really bad for you. We haven't had it in years, hope this is good!

Mushroom soup- Because we STILL have mushrooms, maybe I got a little carried away with the mushrooms!

I need some help with veggie side dishes, I am pretty good at getting a main dish, it's just those sides I have trouble with. Anyone have some interesting things to share?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Reality Teachings...

As my son sleeps, you would think I would be doing something productive like, cleaning, doing laundry, taking a shower, reading, organizing, but alas, I'm catching up on my Real Housewives. I watch pretty much all of them but the Atlanta one. So imagine my excitement when I saw that there is a Beverly Hills one coming!! In all seriousness though, I am learning from watching these. Two lessons have been learned.

1) DO NOT EVER PUT ANYTHING IN WRITING. These women, particularly the crazy Danielle from New Jersey, seems to put everything in writing, then back tracks and says" I didn't write that? If I did, I didn't understand what I was saying or answering. " My mom always told me never to put anything in writing that I didn't want someone to see, or call you out on. This show really proves that.

2) Take care of your self. These women for the most part are in their early 40's late 30's but look as though they are 60. I gave up on fake tanning a long time ago. Not only because of the whole skin cancer thing, but well because it's terribly aging on the skin. I like when I go places and still get carded ( with a baby on my hip I'll remind you) or when people guess that I'm like 18. I suppose that might be because I'm a little " vertically challenged" So with that, I started using a retinol cream on my face at night, to combat wrinkles. Since I don't wear makeup but once in a blue moon, I really need to make sure I do not look terrifying without my makeup on. You know, like those people who you see without it, and then now why they MUST go to the gym to workout with makeup on?

I feel like you can never start too soon to take care of yourself. I'm really trying to get into a routine of moisturizer and brow waxing, massages, manis, pedi's, because that is something my mom never did, and I want to make sure that I have some "ME" time. Adam has golf, I have Mani's and Pedi's!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Team Dylan *Edited for enlarged picture*

I'm changing teams. How about you?

Edward and Jacob have nothing on Dylan!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nine is Fine

Nine months. Wow. This month was a fun one. It was our first time being home without Daddy for the whole month. Dylan and I have managed to get into a pretty good routine. Though he still hasn't figured out that Mommy would like to sleep a little later. I suppose if that's the only complaint I have, well then we're doing good. Dylan has gotten 100% better at army crawling, but hasn't mastered actually crawling. He practices every day though, but his pinkie sized arms, they just can't hold his weight up yet. We have also been practicing standing. Building muscles. I have some pretty funny videos' for you of some "toys" he found this month.

Call me a bad mom, but I refuse to buy him toys now, because well, I know when he is 2, there will be crap all over my house. So I'm keeping it MY house for now!

So this months stats:
16 lbs- off the curve... no obese child for me!
28 inches long

You are still a sleeping champ. You're even getting better about being out past your bedtime, which is nice for going out for dinner!! You take 2 naps a day, though for a few days there, I thought you had decided one was plenty. I'm glad that was just a stage. You can stay up without being cranky for about 3 hours.You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes though I did just have to buy you 6-9 sleepers because your feet were crammed. You are eating( not without a fight) 24 oz, via three 8oz bottles, and eating solids 3 times a day. You are exclusively in the high chair now when we go out. You love the mirror. There is a good looking baby that looks back at you!You are a ham, everyone loves you. Random people will stop us when we are shoping just to talk to you, and tell mommy how adorable you are. ( I even had one lady say..." Awww, you got a cute one... I've seen some really ugly babies lately!" haha... crazy old ladies!)You still army crawl, but are working really hard on crawling. You have a new tooth. It's up for debate which one it is. Aunt Erin and Daddy think it's a canine, I think it's the lateral incisor. We shall see. But no front top teeth yet. You love puffs and yogurt melts, and can feed them to yourself now. You love shoes, and feet, especially shoes with feet in them! You can stand up next to the couch and table now. You even tried to climb up on the couch, it was a big FAIL though. See...( it wasn't as bad as it looks here, I promise)

Dylan, you are still the light of our eyes. Your such a happy baby. Daddy looks forward to coming home just so he can see your happy little face. I'm pretty sure you laugh more when he gets your from your nap than you do all day. Playing favorites already I assume. I can't believe you are almost a year old, seems like just yesterday we brought you home. We love you Monkey.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where does time go?

I really didn't even realize that I hadn't posted in over a week until this morning. Time is just zipping right on by. We've been busy, I guess. It's either, shopping, lunch dates with Aunt Erin, grocery shopping, dinner dates with grandma and grandpa or just hanging out in our PJ's, Dylan and I's day just seems to slip between my fingers. I'm going to be combining this with the Monday menu, I've already been very pleased with the two meals I've made this week, so hopefully I can keep it going.

Can you believe it's September? Tomorrow my baby boy turns NINE months old. Talk about time just slipping by. He's been up to a lot, so hopefully, I'll be able to put a post together with pictures, video's and is tales tomorrow. His Aunt Laura just came home from NYC, so I would venture to guess you'll be seeing him with her in some pictures the next few months, before she makes her way to her new home. Sydney Australia... speaking of, I should get Dylan a passport, better yet, I should get Dylan's birth certificates;)

So Monday Menu... on Wednesday!
Beef and Broccoli Orange Stir Fry- This was yummy, I accidentaly put to much flour in it so it was a little dry, but had great flavor. I also used whole wheat pasta instead of soba noodles!

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches- One of my favorite things in Philly. I wasn't a huge cheese steak fan. But these were yummy. I used Franks Red hot instead of the wing sauce. Though I'm sure they are the same thing!

Stuffed Peppers- I got a recipe from an old friend from high School. We will have this with a loaded salad.

Wild Mushroom Quesadillas- From a cookbook we have. Along with a black bean salsa recipe I got from my neighbor!

A non dinner item I made this week was S'mores Granola Bars. So NOT healthy in any way, shape or form... but DELECTABLE!