Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teething, Maybe

Anytime that Dylan is being a pill, or running a fever I blame his teeth. Usually I suppose, I'm wrong. I had been saying since about 4 months that he was teething, and his first pearly whites didn't show up until about 3 months later. This last week, I'm pretty sure something was wrong with my baby in the teeth department. You could just tell they hurt. If I bumped them with a spoon while he ate, he would scream, big crocodile tears would come out of his eyes, he just wasn't a happy man. From about Tuesday to Thursday, he was running a low grade fever and just not happy. I couldn't put him down, or he would whine. I can't stand whining. But Friday, my little man was back to himself(with no new teeth of course). Happy to report, that we've had a fun weekend also.

Saturday we went to eat with grandma and grandpa, made a yummy cake, and played and today, we've gone on a walk, and racing around the house in his car. Our neighbors stopped us on our walk and told us how fast time goes, and that their oldest was turning 17 tomorrow. I can't image him turning 17. I know this first year has gone so fast, he'll be 17 before we know it. Makes me sad. Their advice was also to remember these baby stages, because when they are 17, you'll need too so you don't hurt them!;)

We have lots coming up in the next few weeks, we are going to a Ranger's game, going to a wine and dinner pairing at a fancy restaurant and going to see Shrek the Musical. Now... I just gotta find baby sitters!!

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Kacie Whigham said...

That little picture is precious! Thanks for the comments about the nursery and stuff!