Monday, June 9, 2014

Tessa { three months}

Another one bites the dust.  These months just keep flying by.  Honestly, this one probably went fast because of all of her hospital and Dr visits.  She luckily won't remember all of those days, but I will.  We have once again been blessed with a great baby.  We always wondered if we would get a hard one, but Adam and I have come to the conclusion she might be the easiest one we've had yet.  She is so chill.  When she is awake she is either observing what is going on in her crazy world, which is usually two little boys who are screaming at her, or she is smiling or eating.  She only cries when she is hungry.  Honestly.  I'm not sure how we get so lucky. The hardest part about her is this genetic disease, which other than Dr. visits hasn't caused any problems.

Shortly after her stay in the hospital where she slept flat in the crib, we decided to make that transition from the swing in our office, to the crib in her room.  It went well.  She had given us a couple of nights where she didn't wake up, but that was just a tease.  She still gets up around 4-5ish, then goes back down until 7ish.  Though we have gotten a couple of nights where she goes without waking up.  Hopefully soon!:) If I could get the minimum 24 ounces of formula in your during the day, I think you would stay asleep, but you just are not a big eater, I'm not surprised!

She is still on her yucky formula, and though she appears to have been gaining weight, according to my very accurate measuring techniques she is still only about 10.5 pounds.  So she is gaining about a pound a month, which is about right for my kiddos.  This month really brought on the smiles.  She has dimples.  Two of them to be exact.  The boys each have one, but she got two.  They are adorable.  Apparently the dimple gene only comes from the dad's side, so thanks Daddy!:)  Also, she has blue eyes.  I'm not sure if I had mentioned that before.  They were really dark blue gray when she was born, but now they are lightening to a lighter blue.  Who knows if they will stay, but they boys eyes have always been the same color as when they were born!

Another big milestone ( for us at least) is that you are no longer swaddled.  One weekend in May, she spent the night at Grandma and Papa's house, and grandma decided to not swaddle her.  ( Grandma thinks swaddling is mean;)) She did fine.  Didn't wake up any less or anymore than she usually does.  So we went ahead with it and stopped swaddling you.  Again, it's like nothing seems to bother her.  When we stopped swaddling Graham, it was a hard two nights!  But Tessa, but kinda goes with the flow of things.  So chill.

She is really starting to notice her brothers.  She will cry if they get too close to her, or she will smile if they are being good and she is liking their silliness.  I'm pretty sure they have almost gotten a giggle out of her, but not a full blown one just yet.  I can't wait for that!

So here is to another month under our belts as a family of 5.  We are certainly surviving, and I'd say thriving.  Though some days are definitely harder than others, I'd say that we are doing just fine!

 Three Months Stats:

10.5 lbs
3 Month onsies and sleepers
size 1 diapers
sleeping 8-4:30ish
4-5 oz bottles