Wednesday, May 30, 2012


"Back to life, Back to reality"

Well, we made it back safe in sound from our week in paradise.  It was everything and more we could have asked for.  A wedding, anniversary, adult time, no kids, fancy dinners, beaches, pools, sun, oh and jumping out of a plane. 

There will obviously be more of an update in a few days, but I am back and trying to get things back in order at home.  So until then, enjoy this glimpse of paradise. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Potty time

Remember this post?  When I said we were no where near potty training?  Well Dylan proved me wrong.  I guess just like walking, and crawling and every other giant milestone in this child's life, he didn't want to do it until he could do it perfectly.  I have no idea where he gets this perfectionist attitude from.  It is not me.  I don't strive to be perfect.  I am of course not saying he is 100% trained.  Though I honestly don't think it will be long. 

One evening a few weeks ago, before his bath, I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty.  His response for the first time was " YEAH"  I had asked him several times in the past, but I didn't want to push him and so if he said no, well it was a no.  This particular " yeah" was very enthusiastic, he sat down and immediately peed. I was amazed.  The next day, I sucked it up and tried the " no diaper" route.  To my amazement, he loved it.  I was in feeding Graham, he comes running in saying " I did it, I doodoo. " With his hands in the air and clapping for himself.  It was adorable. 

We proceed to dump said " doodoo" in the toilet and flush it.  ( That is actually the only reason I think he likes his potty, he gets to carry it to the big toilet and flush.  He is so big) Then I tell him he did a great job, and go back to feeding Graham. He comes running back in, " I did it, I doodoo"  Sure enough, there was another poo in the potty.  A tiny one, and I mean tiny.  But hey, he did it.  Then we wash and clean out his potty and I go back to feeding Graham.  What do you think happened next?  Yup, another poo.  It was like a game to him.  It is something we are still working on. It's hard when you have a kid who "doodoo's" like 4 times a day.  It would be much easier if he would only go once.

 I bought him some Mickey underwear. Because well he has running around with no diaper on down pat. I like to say he is 100% potty trained, if he could go out in public without pants on!:) To say he is obsessed with his undies is an understatement.  He literally throws tantrums sometimes when I put a diaper on him.  But I am no where ready to send him out into the world without a diaper on.  Needless to say, he is doing a great job and seems to be enjoying the process.  I am hoping by the start of Fall he will be 100% trained.  I'm going to get  his summer school teachers in on the process as well. So fingers crossed. 

So there you have it, you are now up to date on my son's potty habits.:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Past few days

The past few days have been fun around here.  Fun being said with every ounce of sarcasm as possible.  Mothers Day started out great, a soccer game, which we won and clinched the league win.  Then it went downhill on the way home.  Dylan cried.  Almost the whole way home, which was far, the game was in Grand Prairie.  Now, Dylan doesn't do that, so we knew something was wrong.  I kept trying to come up with things, " oh he is tired, I pinched his neck with the strap"  Nothing.  We put him down for a nap, knowing the inevitable.  He would wake up sick.  We were right.  He was a mushy mess. Clingy, whiny, whimpering mess.  We had dinner plans at Adam's parents.  We loaded them up, placed Dylan on their couch and enjoyed a turkey dinner.  Monday, he woke up with a fever again, so off to the Dr. we went.  Poor boy has two ear infections ( which I already knew because he told me his ears hurt) and here is the kicker.  A Busted eardrum.  That's why he has acted so differently with this ear infection.  He hurts.  So we have watched about 900 hours of Mickey Mouse, and cuddled to the extreme.  At least he is easy when he is sick.  He does a lot of laying around.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Dylan's Mom.  Graham's Mom.  Adam's wife.  Those are all titles I carry these days.  Being a stay at home mom is  rewarding, but often times struggle.  Many women feel they lose their identity.  The yearn for adult interaction.  I am writing this to brag on all the people in my life that help me to not feel that way.  My husband, my in laws, my sister, my best friend.  I am not one of those women who is never able to do anything without my children.  I don't have to take them to get my nails done, a haircut, to lunch with a friend, or to dinner with my husband.  Someone is always willing to watch them.  For this I feel so grateful.  My husband literally jumps at the chance to me to get out of the house.  Happy hour?  " Yes, please go"  Soccer game, he'll be there . My In- Laws are the same way. If Adam and I want a date night?  They will gladly watch the boys so we can enjoy some alone adult time. They have cancelled a whole vacation trip( until further notice) so they can be there for babysitting in the next few months when we might need them most.  My sister will drive 2 hours to watch them for 2 hours. Or she will bravely watch them for 7 days while Adam and I enjoy a Hawaiian vacation. Becca, well she is too close, so it's easy to ask her to watch them. She even has two of her own and never turns me down.

Needless to say, I am so happy that Adam and I haven't had to put ourselves on the back burner.  Graham and Dylan are so lucky to have so many people in their lives that love them, and want to watch them.  I mean heck, their great Aunts were in town last weekend and they took Dylan for a spur of the moment sleep over just because they wanted to play with him.  Lucky I tell you, all of us.

Frame worthy

This is not the best picture I have ever taken. There are red eye's, and Dylan isn't even looking at the camera. There is a lot going on in the background, but I. LOVE. IT. This one is going in a frame.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Graham {7 Months}

Seriously? Another month has gone by so fast.  They are not kidding when they say, once you have kids time speeds up.  A lot has happened this month in Graham's little life.  First off, he got a tooth.  Second, he is on the move.  I know he was moving last month, but this month he decided he would explore.  He goes in the kitchen, entry way, from the bedroom to the bathroom.  He is much faster now as well.  Granted he is still army crawling, which is fine by me, I don't think I'm ready for him to be on all fours yet. 
He has continued to be an easy baby, and follows a pretty regular routine  Though toward the end of the month, he started pushing that morning nap back an hour with is actually nice because we can get something done in the morning if needed.  He is still sleeping through the night, and consistently wakes up at 6:50.  I'm convinced that he somehow hears Adam's alarm go off.  Because on the weekend's he has been sleeping until almost 8.  But Adam hardly hears his alarm so I have no idea how that would be happening. 

This month he has started noticing Dylan more.  Dylan can make him giggle, and that just melts my heart.  He isn't much of a giggler.  Not like Dylan.  He will giggle if you make him do the motions to itsy bitsy spider, if you tickle him, or if he is really sleeping, then he finds things all kinds of funny.  Dylan currently still loves him, shares his toys with him.  Tries to share his snacks with him.  Always, says "Hi bubba" when he sees him.  I know they are going to be the best of friends and never fight right?

The most recent development in Graham's life is his ability to pull up.  I lowered his crib because he would try to pull up on the bumper and I thought "better safe than sorry" That next nap time, I went in to see him chilling on his knees looking over the edge.  WAY TO BIG.  Then last night of all nights, I was laying next to him on the floor and the kid pulled up to STANDING on me.  Adam and I were floored.  That new talent made pictures on the chair quite entertaining, to say the least. 

He is eating like a champ, though he hasn't really figured out puffs or Mumum's yet.  He seems to have a very strong gag reflex still.  If he gets something on his tongue he pretty much always vomits.  It's sad.  I cant wait until the day I can drop some puffs in front of him and him be entertained for ten minuets.  We also haven't tried him in a high chair at a restaurant yet, but he has pretty much mastered sitting on the floor, so we will probably try soon.  

7 Month Stats:

17 ish lbs
29ish in
Size 3 diapers
6 and 9 Month onsies
9 Month sleepers
one tooth, but I think he is working on another
Taking 2 naps a day
eating 4-5 7oz bottles

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter 2012

I was looking through my posts from April, since you know, it's May now and I realized that I didn't do an Easter post.  Granted, nothing particularly excited happened or anything, but oh well. 

Dylan was much more into the Easter egg hunts this year.  He sadly had to miss the neighborhood one, because he decided running a 101 fever was more fun that weekend.  Luckily, that one was the week before.  He also had an egg hunt at school.  His teachers told me he didn't really get it at first, and he would just follow his friends around and watch them pick up eggs.  But with a little guidance, he figured it out and found his allotted 12 eggs.  The last egg hunt we did was at Adam's parents church.  let me just tell you it was amazing that we were able to get both boys up, dressed, fed, and ourselves looking decent to make it to church on the other side of town by 10.  Amazing I tell you.  I of course didn't get even ONE picture of Graham on his first Easter.  Talk about a mom fail big time.  I did get a picture of his basket though!:) 

Anyway, So we attended church, and then the egg hunt for the under 3 kids was right after.  Dylan showed very little interest in picking up the eggs that were in plain sight, but I'll tell you, once he saw one that was open and it had stickers in it, he was literally running around grabbing them and putting them into his basket.  I loved that many of his eggs didn't have candy.  They had stickers, or gummy snacks.  we are set on stickers for a while now, which is great, because Dylan loves to stick them to his head.

 One of these years, I plan on doing our own egg hunt in the yard, but it always seems we have somewhere else to be.  It is just a tradition that I want to start.  I don't remember too much about when I was little, but I do have proof with pictures that my sister and I would be dressed in our little Easter dresses outside in our front yard digging in monkey grass for eggs. Maybe when they are older and Adam and I can really hide them.:)