Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's the tiny things...

I think as a female, I can say, that I have always loved things in " tiny" versions. I always wanted the smallest cell phone, and I just had to have the Ipod Nano when it came out. Puppies and kitties, and well anything in a small version of the big ones that I know. So, there was no surprise when I found it hard to resist buying little bitty baby clothes. I'll be the first to admit, when I found out that Dylan well, was in fact Dylan, I was a little bummed that I wouldn't be able to find very many cute clothes. Well, boy was I wrong. Granted there isn't quite as much variety as girl clothes but there are still some adorable ones. I give you : A Navy Blue Bulldog, Zip up hoodie!!! It's so tiny. And Dylan will be so " Gangsta" in it. ( Though I am not striving to make my child ghetto!)

I only shop sales too. You will not find me buying ANYTHING clothes wise to put on him. Babies grow way to fast, and though I am afraid of the naked baby, I won't, I repeat won't pay full price!

So here are a few of my other finds. Equally as adorable. And yes, many things he has, have animals on them. I seem to buy those, but refuse to buy anything with a sports ball on them, strange!
It has a tiny squirrel on it. He also has a few other onsies, that are " green" one has a little footprint on it and it says " My carbon footprint" Gap, gotta love it!

This is one of his only " outfits" picture him with an orange onsie ( if they make those) under it. To Die for!!!

One last thing that I just can't spend money on ( which is probably a good thing) is baby shoes. I want to buy like every pair that I find, and well have managed to only buy 1 pair. They are for the summer-ish months, because they are a little bigger, but OMG, I want some for myself. Even the soles are adorable, probably because he won't be doing much walking in them!

So, there you have it, a look into my son's closet! lol... I LOVE buying baby things!!!

One of these days I'll post about the fair, but I have to buy a new card reader for my little camera, maybe this weekend!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Domestic once again...

Lets just say, I am one lucky woman. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I married well. Adam, loves to cook. Which is good, because, it's not that I don't like to cook, I prefer baking. Which will one day catch up to me I'm sure, and it won't be pretty. I am more of a follow a recipe kinda gal, whereas Adam, likes to throw things in a pot and see how it turns out! I just can't do that. But seeing that he has been busy the last week or so until dinner time, I've been left to my own devices if I want to eat!

One bad thing about following recipes is that you get WAY TOO MUCH food for just two people. I'll be so happy when we have kids that can actually put a dent in the stuff I make! Luckily though, the things I made last week were GREAT reheated! Lets see, I have made, Chicken Enchiladas, which were amazing (I could literally eat Mexican Food everyday!) I made, Baked Ziti, which, in the words of Rachael Ray, " Could feed an army" I think we ate that for about 3 meals, plus I had it for lunch one day. With that I made homemade french bread that was pretty good! Um... man, it's been over a week now, I can't remember what else I made. I made pot roast in the crock pot, though there wasn't much of that left.

Then on Sunday, we both woke up wanting to do something in the kitchen, so from scratch chocolate cake muffins were on the menu, and since then we've both eaten WAY TOO MANY!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Your going to put what in here?"

Dirty diapers, yes that's right. Picking a diaper bag was a much harder decision that I had thought that it would be. Mainly, because I didn't want one that " looked" like a diaper bag. I think I succeeded. Many of you might remember a while back when I was trying to pick one, well I did. But just this last week, I found out that another one of the brands that I LOVE was having their semi annual sale, so I set my alarm to wake up to get first dibs on the good ones! Petunia Picklebottom bags, that's right, crazy name huh? I ended up getting two. A Touring Tote, and a Cross Town clutch ( which I thought was going to be much smaller that it actually is! ) But I love them both, so they were good purchases. All three of them are very different bags. Here are some photo's of them to show you!!!

First up: The Stork Sak, which I assume is the only one that Adam will be caught dead with!:)

This is how it attaches to the stroller. Which is nice, so it doesn't take up storage space underneath! It came with a changing pad, and it has two built in thermal bottle holders, to keep them warm or cold!

Touring Tote:
This one also hooks onto the stroller, but it also has two more straps, a short strap for carrying right underneath my arm, then a longer shoulder strap, so many options. Also has insulated bottle holders. Also came with a black wipes case!:)

See, pretty, but not really Adam's style. It also matches the stroller better!

Cross Town Clutch: Mind you, when I bought this I thought it would be much smaller. Oh well, I still love it!

This is a glazed back, which means that anything that spills on it can be wiped off, just like that!

It came with a Black wipes case, as well as a built in changing pad that pulls out!

Here is the embroidered detail, for some reason it is uploading sideways, even though it isn't sideways in the picture. I'm baffled!

So there you have it. ALL 3 of my diaper bags. Although I haven't used them yet, I highly recommend any of the brands. They are all very well made, and pleasant to look at:) Stay tuned for some adorable baby clothes!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wait What?

7 WEEKS? Where is time going. That's right, at the very most our sweet little baby boy will be here in 7 weeks! CRAZY! So a lot has gone on since I posted last. Maybe what I should do it bullets, then do small posts to explain? It might help with my rambling! So here it goes!!!

~ Seven weeks until our pending arrival!
~ We went to the Texas State Fair
~ Adam got a short term job
~ I got my ( previously mentioned) Diaper bags in the mail
~ While Adam is at work, I work hard to buy baby things that we " Need"
~ I have been cooking up a storm, for my working husband!

Hopefully since I've told you about thing, it will motivate me to actually post pictures and stories of our adventures!!!

I'm off for a prenatal Massage ( If anyone needs the name of a FANTASTIC massage Therapist in Dallas let me know!) Then, I might stop by Sprinkles and pick up some cupcakes for dessert tonight!:) And maybe an afternoon snack!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have an addiction...

First off, let me start by saying, that I should seriously consider buying stock in Carter's. I can't think of a time that I have gone in there an not bought Dylan SOMETHING to wear! I think about 95 % of his clothes are Carters!

Second, Diaper bags~ I've never been one to buy a bunch of purses or anything, I'm more of a shoe girl, but I am now addicted to diaper bags. I'm not exactly sure WHY, but I am, I bought two, that's right, two more this morning! So now I have three, and I'm REALLY excited about them.

Finally ~ just shopping in general. Adam and I went shopping for tiny little clothes yesterday, because I have this irrational fear that my child will be going naked for the first 3 months of his life due to lack of appropriate clothing. We were in Gap Baby, looking at long sleeve onesies, and There were three. Sadly that's ALL of them that Gap baby had that weren't pink but that's another post, another day. Well I couldn't decide on one so I said to Adam " Which one do you like better?" His response? " I like them all, lets get them all!" Now how luck am I? I would say pretty lucky. Either that, or Adam doesn't want a naked child either!:)

I'm waiting for Nesting to start, and the urge to buy tiny things to stop... wanna place a bet as to when it will happen?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A True Texan

After living in Texas for almost 5 months, Adam and I finally made ourselves legal today! Got our cars registers, and got new Texas Drivers Licenses. We have had the things to do it ready for probably 2 months now, but lacked the much needed motivation for get ourselves to McKinney to do the cars, then well of course, who wants to sit at the DMV for hours to have a really bad picture of them self taken? Not I! But we lucked out. After driving out into the middle of nowhere McKinney, we found the tax collectors office, and did our cars, which took a mere 20 min tops! Then we were directed to the McKinney DMV. Which was pure heaven. I'm not kidding you when I say we drove up, and there were only THREE, yes you read that right, THREE cars in the parking lot!!! So we were in and out in about 30 min... ( we filled out paperwork we didn't need to;( ) So overall it was successful! Though they didn't give us our PA licenses back, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be using for a photo ID for the next 6-8 weeks, so lets hope I don't get carded!:/

We stopped at HomeGoods/ TJMAXX on the way home, because I like to look at all things baby there, and I bought Dylan some Christmas socks. There is just something about baby socks that I can't resist. Though I DO NEED more! I only have a few pairs and they are all fancy. Do they make the big bags of white baby socks? I should look into it! Anyway, here is a picture of them, how cute right? And for 5 Bucks. I love Homegoods/TJMAXX!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Check it out!

There is a GIVEAWAY going on over at The Pettijohn's!!

It's for adorable baby hats, homemade, so for all of you with babies on the way, or new babies, go over and post a comment to get entered to win!! GOOD LUCK!