Friday, May 24, 2013

Five on Friday

Anniversaries: On Sunday Adam and I will celebrate six years of marriage.  A lot has happened in those years, two houses, two babies, a graduate degree, two jobs.  I can't wait to see what the coming years hold for us.  Though we have been together for a long time, I still can't believe we have been married for six years already.

Reunions:  I purchased our tickets for our ten year High school reunion.  TEN years.  It's going to be such a fun night, and I'm glad that we are still in the area to join in all the fun.

Contentment:  I am loving that my boys both played quietly and happily in their cribs until almost 9 this morning, so that I could take a shower, and do my hair for our lunch date with Daddy today.

Sales and gift cards: Memorial day weekend is a great weekend for sales.  I hit up baby Gap outlet and the Gap outlet yesterday since their whole store is 50% off.  I got some good things for the boys and I finally broke into the world of workout capri's.  I'm not one to lounge in yoga pants, I tend to always put jeans on.  Hoping these capri's break that habit!:)

Group Texts:  I'm on a group text with about 7 or 8 friends.  All day almost everyday we send random pictures and some ecards.  They always brighten up my day, though sometimes they are totally inappropriate!!

So there you have it, 5 things that are making me smile on this cloudy Friday morning!:)

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Closing time

Another school year has come to an end for Dylan.  His second year of Mother's day out under the belt.  He has learned so much and grown so much this year.  I am so happy that he loves going to school as much as I love him going to school.  He is very excited that his brother will get to go with him to his "new school" in a couple of weeks. So much changes in a year. 

My little boy is turning into a big boy before my eyes! I love it!

Monday, May 20, 2013


This weekend was such a fun one.  We have been having such busy, family fun filled weekends lately.  I wish I could tell you that's why I haven't blogged in a while, but sadly, it's just because I'm lazy!  I take nap times as an opportunity to tidy my house, catch up on my Tv, and usually, take a nap myself!:)  But I'm here now!

This weekend I "ran" a 5K with my sister, and her girlfriend.  Erin has just recently gotten into running, like this last week. So we did spend a lot of time walking, and eating.  You read that right, eating.  We ran the first annual, Taste Addison, Tasty run.  They had tasting stations set up along the run, which usually resulted in a long line, and lots of standing, so we finished the 3.1 miles in roughly 50 min.  It was a fun run, and I don't really enjoy running, so I don't find running for time to be all that important!  Though, once Erin gets in better shape, we will actually run one!:)

After the run, Adam brought the boys up to the Taste Addison festivities and met us.  We played in the water, kind of a splash pad, and road rides, and have a great time.  Unfortunately, it was really hot out.  Granted, it was only like 93 that day ( I'm so not ready for 100's yet) so we stayed until about three, and headed home.  IT was a great day, the boys slept on the way home.  No one got sun burnt, and I got a little exercise which was probably negated by the food, including, snuffers cheese fries, and tiff's treats cookies that I ate all day!:)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


If ya'll are anything like me, you are always pinning cleaning ideas.  I've pinned schedules, methods, and concoctions.  Since we have lived in our house, the shower has always been something I've struggled with.  We have hard water.  Thus, we have hard water build up on our glass shower.  I finally gave up, after the cleaning lady we had( thanks groupon) couldn't even get if off.  Last fall, or maybe summer, I saw on pinterest a trick about taking a lemon, and cutting it in half and putting it in kosher salt and rubbing the glass with it.  I was amazed.  It worked.  But it took a LOT of effort.  The shower is a lot of glass.

Not to long ago, I pinned a "recipe" for 'miracle' cleaner.  It was half vinegar, half blue dawn.  Seeing as I had see lots of other cleaning things with these two ingredients, I picked them up at the store.  I took an old bottle of cleaning stuff, and mixed it up.  Sprayed it liberally, these ingredients are cheap, to the shower.  Left it for a few hours and went back to rub it in with a sponge.  then rinsed.  AMAZED. I wish I had done a before and after shot.  It literally cleaned our shower, with no elbow grease.  And it didn't leave my bathroom smelling like bleach, or whatever else scrubbing bubbles uses.

I'm sure I'm behind the curve on this mixture, but if you are needing/ wanting a less chemical way to clean your bathroom, give this a try.  I've heard its great on everything, though I've only used it on my kitchen sinks and the shower.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bug Brothers

Not to be confused with Blood brothers, which I honestly won't put past either of my children doing when they are young and well, dumb!:)  The other day, after saying bye bye to a house visitor, Dylan and Graham stumbled upon a Roley Polly.  We don't really get bugs very much since we have the house sprayed every couple of months ( Thank goodness it knocks out June bugs too!:)) so Dylan didn't really know what to think.  Every time I picked it up to put in Dylan's hand, it was of course in a ball.  He would just keep saying " Come out bug" and
Graham would just point yelling, and I mean YELLING "buggie" They played with him for probably forty five min, before seeing our neighbor was out playing, so we headed that direction.  It was fun to see them so mesmerized by something so simple, but I'll be honest, I'm glad that I don't have a lot of bugs because I don't really want " surprises" brought to me in the coming years!:)