Wednesday, May 8, 2013


If ya'll are anything like me, you are always pinning cleaning ideas.  I've pinned schedules, methods, and concoctions.  Since we have lived in our house, the shower has always been something I've struggled with.  We have hard water.  Thus, we have hard water build up on our glass shower.  I finally gave up, after the cleaning lady we had( thanks groupon) couldn't even get if off.  Last fall, or maybe summer, I saw on pinterest a trick about taking a lemon, and cutting it in half and putting it in kosher salt and rubbing the glass with it.  I was amazed.  It worked.  But it took a LOT of effort.  The shower is a lot of glass.

Not to long ago, I pinned a "recipe" for 'miracle' cleaner.  It was half vinegar, half blue dawn.  Seeing as I had see lots of other cleaning things with these two ingredients, I picked them up at the store.  I took an old bottle of cleaning stuff, and mixed it up.  Sprayed it liberally, these ingredients are cheap, to the shower.  Left it for a few hours and went back to rub it in with a sponge.  then rinsed.  AMAZED. I wish I had done a before and after shot.  It literally cleaned our shower, with no elbow grease.  And it didn't leave my bathroom smelling like bleach, or whatever else scrubbing bubbles uses.

I'm sure I'm behind the curve on this mixture, but if you are needing/ wanting a less chemical way to clean your bathroom, give this a try.  I've heard its great on everything, though I've only used it on my kitchen sinks and the shower.

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