Friday, December 28, 2012

Very Merry

Seeing that Santa came!
already trying to climb his drum!
This year was yet again, another wonder holiday.  We were busy, spoiled, and well fed.  The holiday weekend kicked off with going to a live nativity scene at Adam's parents church.  Dylan loves it because they have a petting zoo.  Sadly, I forgot my camera, but trust me, he didn't want to leave.  After petting the animals, we went to eat with Adam's parents.  In the middle of dinner, his mom informed us that she " might have gone overboard" with gifts for the boys and she urged us to come over that night to open a few.  Now for those of you who don't know, the boys have been soo spoiled from the get go, but the fact that his mother admitted to spoiling them... my oh my!

YEY Christmas!
Dylan was really into opening gifts this year.  He would open something, look at what was inside, then want to open something else.  Now if it was a toy, and no clothes, he would want to open that right away.  Typical three year old.  Graham was really into just taking the bow off.  Typical Fenner right there. 

Christmas Eve was spent eating lunch with Dylan's Godfather, and a great friend from high school.  After that we headed to Adam's parents house so the boys could get a nap in before church.  Sadly, I have no pictures of the boys on Christmas Eve in their cute Christmas sweaters, seeing as my camera battery was dead when I got there:/  After the candle light service ( which Dylan loved by the way) we headed back to the house to eat and open some gifts.  The boys got so many gifts it was hard to keep track of.  We stopped around 10 when Graham started to get grumpy. 

Dylan was showing him how to play "tools"!
he was done with the snow
Christmas day was spent at our house. Adam and I prepared a feast, with his parents bringing a few sides as well.  We had mimosa's opened some more gifts from Grandma and Papa, aunt Erin, and of course Santa, of HoHoHo as Dylan calls him!  I would say the biggest hit of gifts this year ( so far) is the work bench that Aunt Erin and Andrea got them!  They love it! Now I just have to find a place that isn't my dining room to put it!:)

My sweet boys!
 I was spoiled this year as well, getting everything and more that I asked for.  The biggest was my new camera!  Back in September, my camera had gotten a little damp from formula, and it just never worked right after.  Granted it was almost five years old, so that might have been a factor as well, but the focus was off!  But my in laws gifted me with my new beauty!  I LOVE it.  Adam got me the necklace I asked for! It's the Tiffany initial necklace.  I got two pendants, one with the initial of each boy!  LOVE it too! 

Of course, if you live in the area, you will know that we also had a white Christmas!  Over all, I'd say it was a great end to a great year.  Nothing too spectacular happened in 2012, but I'm thinking 2013 will be a great year.  We have so much planned, and I can't wait!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's offical.

I have a three year old.  On December 2, Dylan turned three.  It was such a beautiful day.  Strange to think that the morning that he was born, it snowed.  This year it was about 80 degrees.  Just goes to show you how strange Texas weather is. 

We had yet another perfect party for our little dude.  This year, it was soccer themed!  He is so obsessed with it, we figured why not!  It was compete with soccer ball cake, pinata and plates and napkins!  We stuck with simple party food, on the menu was ham and Swiss sliders, pineapple chicken salad croissants, PB&J for the kiddies, piggies in a blanket, spiced nuts, ranch dip and chips.  Cupcakes and cake to finish it off of course!  I once again tried a new bakery, I was pleased, and we had very little left over cake and no leftover cupcakes, so I'm pretty sure that it was a hit!

This year I felt I needed an activity.  We had about 8 kiddos, and luckily it was super nice outside so they jumped on the trampoline and ran off their energy until it was time for the pinata!  I'm pretty sure this was the worlds best made pinata, after two rounds of the kids hitting it, and daddy helping Dylan, I ended up having to tear it apart!  It was a hit! 

Dylan was once again spoiled  by all the people that love him, he got books, blocks, new tools, a pillow, so many new toys to keep him occupied until Christmas, when I hide all of them.  I love that we have such a small group of close friends that always make their way to our parties.  I love that they all have a part in his life, and that I know they will be life long friends for him, as well as Adam and I.  

I am happy I have about a year before I have to start thinking about another birthday party in this house.  These things wear me out.  I have already figured out what I will probably do for Dylan's though!  Graham, well, he might just not get one!  Kidding of course!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

" Mama, see the ROOOOAAARRR?"

Finishing up the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we had tickets to the zoo.  Suzan, Adam's mom, had purchased something in a charity auction that came with these tickets.  She is already a member, so she didn't need them.  So to us they went.  Granted I got them in like April, I didn't want to use them in the summer, because lets be honest, who wants to go wander around in a crowded zoo when it's 115 degrees outside? No one.  So we waited.  I wanted Adam to be able to join, so a weekend it was.  I was a little weary that it would be packed, and thus no fun, since it was a holiday weekend, and a nice 60 degrees outside. We got there right when it opened.  I kid you know, there were probably only 10 people there.  It was awesome.  We got to let Dylan run around without fear of him getting lost.  We got to see all the animals up close, though lots were still sleeping, lazy animals.

He got to feed giraffes, watch big birds fly up close, elephants eat apples, alligators, lions, penguins, monkeys, all the while, we were just about the only people there.  It was heavenly.

While we were watching the alligators, do a whole lot of nothing, a lady bug landed on Adam, he put it on Dylan he thought that was pretty neat.  Dylan loved the alligators until one started moving.  He quickly retreated to behind me saying " NOOOO, he'll bite me"  Poor guy. After explaining that they couldn't get him, he wanted to watch them just sit there for another 15 or so min.

We road the monorail, but we didn't want to leave our very expensive double stroller just siting there, so just Dylan and I went, and Adam and Graham waited.  He had a great time on that, even took some pictures with my phone.  Its always fun to see things from his point of view. He also got to ride the carousel, he particularly loved that since he is really into horses right now.
Overall, it was about the perfect zoo experience.  Great weather, low crowd, perfect day.  He has asked almost every day since if we could go back to see the "ROAAAARS"  He tends to call animals by the sounds they make.  Silly Boy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Turkey Day

Late as usual.

This year our Thanksgiving was great.  Adam had the day off, and the day after! ( New job is awesome!) We had a leisurely morning, and headed over to his parents house to a turkey feast.  I only made two things.  My famous corn casserole, which is required of me for every holiday meal, and this year I tried a new recipe for a Eggnog bundt cake I found on pinterest.  I'm not a fan of eggnog, but the cake was good, but very eggnoggy. 

Graham was in heaven with the feast, as we can not seem to ever feed that child enough.  He didn't turn his nose up at anything! Dylans' favorite was fruit salad.  It was basically fruit cocktail mixed with fresh whipped cream.  He ate A TON of it.  I figured it was giving him some good calories so I didn't worry about it.  It did take at least one bite of everything else though so I was happy.  

This year, Adam's Aunt, Uncle, Grandma and step- Grandpa(?) were in town for the festivities.  We ate, drank, watched football, napped, and had a great time.  It was low key, and the great grandparents really enjoyed loving on their grand grand babies. 

Friday we spent the morning, adorning out front yard with lights, and dragging the tree out.  Dylan loves to watch us turn the lights on every evening.  We have been on several walks to check out all the other lights in the neighborhood as well.  Taking advantage of these unseasonably warm days.  

Monday, December 3, 2012

November Iphone Favorites

In a frenzy to save my iPhone, right after getting it out of the toilet, my thought was " ohhhh, noooo, I haven't loaded pictures in a while.  I plugged it in and it actually downloaded them.  I probably fried my phone in the process, but hey, I've got my pictures!:)

Morning Brawl

Mr. Independent.

Cookie Monsters

Big boy bed


Stretching like Daddy

The couch ate him.

Loving gas prices

I guess they wanted to face that way!

Monorail ride with Mama at the Zoo.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


My sweet first born, baby boy turns three today.  I cannot believe it.  Where does time go?

 He is such a sweet soul.  I got so lucky to have such a loving, good natured, handful of a child.  Dylan is the epitome of boy.  He has energy that cannot be matched, other than by his brother maybe.  He loves all things sports, animals, and moving machines.  He throws tantrums that end with " Ok Mama, I'm done now", and will put up a fight with just about anything.  On the other hand, he will ask " you otay Mama? ( or Daddy) when we cough or sneeze, says please and thank you the majority of the time.  I love watching him grow and learn.  Everyday is a new adventure with him.

At three years old, we graduated from ECI,for speech therapy, have moved into a big boy bed, and are I'd say 90% potty trained( he still wears diapers at night).  He is a spoiled three year old no doubt, but he also knows how to hear "no".  He might not always like it, but he doesn't flip his lid.  I can't wait to see what this year brings.  We didn't have terrible twos, so that might be in store.  Either way, I can't wait.  I love watching him learn new things, and surprise me with what he knows.  He is my first born, and a big brother now, but he will always be my baby.

Happy third Birthday Dylan!

We love you!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Catch Up

I have so many posts in my head, but I'll start with this one.  This was well over a month ago probably, but oh well.  Some of you might remember me having to take Graham to the Cardiologist for a heart mummer when he was about two months old.  I was supposed to take him back six months later, but because our insurance wouldn't cover it, the doctor made his mummer sound like no big deal, I had put it off.  At his one year appointment, his Dr, said that it was still very much there, and that we should have it checked out again.  The Cardiologist, said he should outgrow it by one year.

The next week, there we were, hooked up to machines, and not very happy about it.  He was a champ though, but it did make his mommy a little sad to see all the leads on him.  And the tiniest blood pressure cuff you ever did see.  Per the usual, he was happy once he got some food, or something to put into his belly.  He also found this other really handsome baby in the room with us as well.  He was a trouper.

I had to hold him during the ultrasound that seemed to go on forever, though I know it was only ten or fifteen minuets.  But having to make him sit still and lay back, was pure torture. He was not a happy camper.

The verdict was that his mummer is almost gone, and that it will be no big deal.  The Cardiologist actually thought it was interesting his pedi was concerned about it.  But I would rather our doctor mention it is something that concerns him and we do everything we can to make sure he is OK, than for him to not, and something be really wrong with our baby boys heart.  I'm happy that he got a clean bill of health, and also happy that we don't have to go back for another year!