Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's offical.

I have a three year old.  On December 2, Dylan turned three.  It was such a beautiful day.  Strange to think that the morning that he was born, it snowed.  This year it was about 80 degrees.  Just goes to show you how strange Texas weather is. 

We had yet another perfect party for our little dude.  This year, it was soccer themed!  He is so obsessed with it, we figured why not!  It was compete with soccer ball cake, pinata and plates and napkins!  We stuck with simple party food, on the menu was ham and Swiss sliders, pineapple chicken salad croissants, PB&J for the kiddies, piggies in a blanket, spiced nuts, ranch dip and chips.  Cupcakes and cake to finish it off of course!  I once again tried a new bakery, I was pleased, and we had very little left over cake and no leftover cupcakes, so I'm pretty sure that it was a hit!

This year I felt I needed an activity.  We had about 8 kiddos, and luckily it was super nice outside so they jumped on the trampoline and ran off their energy until it was time for the pinata!  I'm pretty sure this was the worlds best made pinata, after two rounds of the kids hitting it, and daddy helping Dylan, I ended up having to tear it apart!  It was a hit! 

Dylan was once again spoiled  by all the people that love him, he got books, blocks, new tools, a pillow, so many new toys to keep him occupied until Christmas, when I hide all of them.  I love that we have such a small group of close friends that always make their way to our parties.  I love that they all have a part in his life, and that I know they will be life long friends for him, as well as Adam and I.  

I am happy I have about a year before I have to start thinking about another birthday party in this house.  These things wear me out.  I have already figured out what I will probably do for Dylan's though!  Graham, well, he might just not get one!  Kidding of course!

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Lizy said...

That soccer ball cake came out great!!!