Thursday, December 6, 2012

" Mama, see the ROOOOAAARRR?"

Finishing up the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we had tickets to the zoo.  Suzan, Adam's mom, had purchased something in a charity auction that came with these tickets.  She is already a member, so she didn't need them.  So to us they went.  Granted I got them in like April, I didn't want to use them in the summer, because lets be honest, who wants to go wander around in a crowded zoo when it's 115 degrees outside? No one.  So we waited.  I wanted Adam to be able to join, so a weekend it was.  I was a little weary that it would be packed, and thus no fun, since it was a holiday weekend, and a nice 60 degrees outside. We got there right when it opened.  I kid you know, there were probably only 10 people there.  It was awesome.  We got to let Dylan run around without fear of him getting lost.  We got to see all the animals up close, though lots were still sleeping, lazy animals.

He got to feed giraffes, watch big birds fly up close, elephants eat apples, alligators, lions, penguins, monkeys, all the while, we were just about the only people there.  It was heavenly.

While we were watching the alligators, do a whole lot of nothing, a lady bug landed on Adam, he put it on Dylan he thought that was pretty neat.  Dylan loved the alligators until one started moving.  He quickly retreated to behind me saying " NOOOO, he'll bite me"  Poor guy. After explaining that they couldn't get him, he wanted to watch them just sit there for another 15 or so min.

We road the monorail, but we didn't want to leave our very expensive double stroller just siting there, so just Dylan and I went, and Adam and Graham waited.  He had a great time on that, even took some pictures with my phone.  Its always fun to see things from his point of view. He also got to ride the carousel, he particularly loved that since he is really into horses right now.
Overall, it was about the perfect zoo experience.  Great weather, low crowd, perfect day.  He has asked almost every day since if we could go back to see the "ROAAAARS"  He tends to call animals by the sounds they make.  Silly Boy.

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