Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hello Mr. Turkey

Yesterday afternoon, Dylan got to participate in his first ever school performance.  It wasn't a big one, thank goodness because he needs some work, but it was perfect for him.  He and his classmates and another class got up and sang us about 4 songs, ( only two of which he actually knew all the words too I'm pretty sure) to prepare us for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

Lucky for Dylan, his grandma and I were able to attend.  As a last minuet surprise, Daddy even took off to come all the way down and watch him.  I'm going to brag on Adam for a second.  He is such a great daddy.  Dylan had been asking for a week or so now if "daddy was coming to hear him sing"  the answer was always no.  You see, he works in Uptown, and that's just a long drive.  Yesterday morning Dylan and I had a conversation that went like this...

Me- Are you ready to sing for Grandma and me today?

Him- And Daddy too?

Me- No, Daddy can't come remember?

Him- yeah, because he has so much work?

Me- Yes and he works really far far away.

Him- Can't you go get Daddy and bring him?

After that I immediately texted Adam and asked if there was ANY WAY he could make it, and he said he wouldn't make any promises, but yes, he would be there as long as he could finish what he was doing from home.

And most were done by this point!

So he made it, with maybe thirty seconds to spare, as the kids were already loaded on the stage ready to sing when he walked into the building.  Dylan gave a great big smile when he saw him, and it really just made my day.  We've always said how family comes first for Adam as far as his work goes, and yesterday he proved that to me.  He win's Daddy of the year in my books.

Anyway, back to the songs.  Dylan was his usual silly self.  I know he knew the songs because he would sing them for me at home.  Instead of singing though, he was rubbing his belly, with his shirt up, making funny faces, and just kind of standing there.  About the third song they lost almost all of the kids and they were all getting antsy.  It was adorable, and I'm so glad that I got to see him sing.  He was so proud of himself after, as was I, because I'm slightly surprised he sang anything at all.  He is getting so big, and in less than two weeks will be a big 4 year old.  My, where does time go?

Monday, November 18, 2013

10 years

At the end of October ( yes I'm a little late I know) Adam and I celebrated our ten year high school reunion!  I still can't believe it's been 10 years.  I saw this on facebook I think and it's totally true!

Our reunion was at the House of Blues, and it was a great time.  It was very similar to high school in the fact that you talked with who you did in high school.  Lucky for Adam and I, we are still in close contact with most of our friends from high school.  Only Dr. Andrew has moved far away! It was a fun night to get out without the kids, and hangout with our friends. 

Seeing as we are old people now, Adam and I didn't go to the "after" party like most people did.  We were tired, my feet hurt ( hello twenty weeks pregnant, wearing heels for 4 hours without standing), and it was already 11 pm, way past our bedtime! 
I missed the hand on hip memo:/

Sadly, I took my camera, but didn't take any pictures with it.  Luckily, Courtney, the brave soul who put this whole thing together got a photo booth, so I do at least have a few pictures from the evening! 

Our "Crew"
I can't believe that it's been ten years, I honestly do not feel like we this close  to being thirty.  Yikes! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Spiderman and Dinosaur- Oh My!

These three look like they are up to no good!
As I'm sure everyone who reads this blog, or follows me on Pinterest knows, Dylan has been looking forward to Halloween for about a month now.  Ever since we stopped in Costco and he saw his "suit" as he calls it, he has wanted Halloween to be here.  I'm not sure why, because he wore his "suit" just about every day until the 31st.  He is obsessed with this thing. But his recent obsession is Ninja Turtles, so I'm sure he would have preferred to be a turtle for Halloween, but I wasn't going to buy him a new costume. 
Graham is obsessed with dinosaurs, so when he saw the alligator suit and proclaimed it a " Dinosaur" who was I to tell him any different.  Luckily, he wasn't as adamant about wearing his suit ALL THE TIME, like his brother.  He was a little warmer, and he would sweat a lot in it. 

Ready to GO!
Fighting Crime!
As Halloween came closer, Dylan had a count down, every night he would ask if it was Halloween yet, and I would tell him how many days.  The kid doesn't seem to want to forget about anything these days.  So we gathered a trick or treating crew, and all met on Halloween night.  To say that the kiddo's were excited would be an understatement.  Carson, Dylan and Kinley, would literally run from house to house for the first street, then I think they got tired, or it got to dark or something, but they all slowed just a bit. Luckily, we had a seasoned veteran in Avery who could show the little's the way!  Graham and Caleb were bringing up the tail end of things.  Graham was attached to me.  Didn't want to hold Daddy's hand, just mine.  He did great though!  For some reason he refuses to say "thank you" so I just had him say "bye bye " to everyone, and they thought he was adorable!

Dylan was asking Daddy what he was dressing up as, and luckily, Adam got to dress up for work.  It was a little late notice, so his costume was not great, but Dylan loved it!  I didn't dress up, it's not my thing, but Dylan told me that I should have been a butterfly!  Which is also what he told me Kinley was probably dressing as, before we knew she was Sophia of course!  He is so silly!

There were, luckily, only a few scary people out.  One was a kid that wasn't that old, but had some creepy clown face paint on, which none of the kids were very excited about.  He was nice, and when we ran into him again, he stayed back and turned away because he knew the little ones were scared.  So I give him propps for that.  I don't give props to the ADULT, who was out standing on the street in a creepy jester costume, before it was dark. I mean come on, don't scare the babies, wait until later and scare the big kids!:)

On the move!
After all was said and done, Dylan had a great time, got some great candy, of which I've eaten way too much of.  He has asked several times when he gets to "do Halloween again." He still continues to wear his costume when we are at home, but hey, at least my $13 was well spent!