Friday, September 27, 2013

The Fenner FIVE

In case you missed this. We have another little one on the way!  I can hardly believe that I am already 16 weeks, and well, I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day!

The third and final Fenner babe, will hopefully grace us with his/her presence around mid March! 

We found out about this baby on July 5th!  The day after a big pool party, so I was able to get one last drinking day in!  ( makes me sound a little like an alcoholic, but oh well)  I've missed a few good opportunities since!:)

To tell Adam's parents ( who were in Australia at the time ) I made the boys some shirts, that they were really happy to wear as you can see!  Side note:  When we told them I was pregnant with Graham, they were also just returning from a trip to Australia!  Maybe they should stop going so we stop telling them they have another Grand baby on the way!  Kidding of course! ( seriously, this is the last one!:))

11 Weeks
I have lucked out again, in that I do not suffer from morning sickness.  I was tired, but honestly, with two boys, I'm kind of always tired.  I've been feeling great, and really, just feel normal.  I'm starting to feel love beloved kicked, and well my belly is growing, those are the only reasons I know for sure there is a baby in there!

Everyone asks if I want a girl.  If I'm answering honestly, I really don't know.  A boy would be so easy and familiar, but of course a girl would be nice, for a change of things, different clothes, colors, toys.  I do not have a preference honestly, and I'll be happy either way!  Though, we are running out of boy names;) 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back they go...

Pirate Dylan- First day MDO 2013

Another year of Mother's Day Out.  Sadly, this year we had to change schools.  Graham was finally old enough to go to Shepard's kids, where Dylan had been for the last  two years, but the 18 month class didn't make. 

First day MDO 2013
After much going back and forth with the Director there, we were finally on a waiting list for the 2's class.  She was willing to bump him up for me, but of course the class was full.  Firewheel ( where they go during the summer) had openings for both of them.  So I signed them up, hopeful that if we got into Shepard's kids, I could just take them out.  Well, of course, they started asking for money.  After a huge struggle for me emotionally, I had to call the director of Shepards kids and tell her to take us off the waiting list.  I couldn't risk Graham not going to school this year.  I was so sad.  I love the people that work there.

Firewheel is going well.  They both seem to enjoy their classes.  Graham has two friends, Caleb and Everett that he is always excited to see in the morning.  Dylan has Everett's brother Caden in his class, so that is nice.  Dylan has finally stopped asking if we are going back to the "old school" so that makes me happy.

It was such a hard choice for me, but I know in the end, it will hopefully make Dylan's transition to Full time Pre K next year, also at Firewheel, easier on him. He will be used to going there, and all of the things they have to offer. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh the places...

This summer has been the summer of "going somewhere" as I mentioned in an earlier post, Dylan always wants to "go somewhere" Luckily for him, I had a few places on my summer "To Do" list.  We have hit just about all of them.

We went to Medieval Times, and  played at a few different mall play places.

Some of the "new" places we have been are Kid Mania.  They love this place, as do I.  They can be pretty independent there, although When we are not Carson and Caleb, the boys need some adult love.  Luckily we went with Daddy this day, so he was all for it.

CooCoo's: This is just another bounce place.  They have a train though that is free with admission, I think the boys rode this train 10 times while we were there.  Another perk: open on Sundays!

We went to two movies this summer, Monsters Inc, and Planes.  So long as I provided them with food, they were pretty happy at both!

We hit the zoo on one lovely summer morning, and plan to do so again this coming week.

I finally got the courage to use our Perot museum passes.  I was always afraid there would be a zillion kids/ people there, but we lucked out the morning we went, and there was hardly anyone there. They loved it as well, so that was a plus!


Overall, I would say we stayed pretty busy this summer between all our "new places", the pool, library, and of course school! Now that the boys have started back at school, I'm sure that our outings will become less frequent, but I have a list going to things that I want to do now that the weather will hopefully be getting cooler!:) 

Monday, September 23, 2013


I have found a fall find, that if you have access to, I urge you to try.  In Murphy we have a Starbucks of course, but we also have a Saxby's.  The other day Adam had the boys at the park, and I was out running second birthday (eek) errands, and I stopped at Saxby's because it was more convenient.  I ordered a pumpkin pie chia.  I am telling you people, I'm not sure I will ever get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks again.  It was SOOO good.  I'm not a coffee or tea drinker on a regular basis, but man, I've been craving this since I got it.  I'm sure I'll be back.  Luckily they have a frequent buyer card so at least I'll get a free drink at the end of the season!;)

So if you have a Saxby's nearby or know where one is, stop and try a Pumpkin Pie Chia, or a Latte, I bet you won't regret it!:)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

computer troubles

I promise one of these days I will update y'all on what is going on in this house.  School starting, Summer ending, fun places we visited, and of course, the third babe on the way.  Our desktop has bitten the dust, or so it appears, and my laptop is just a pain to use, because well, I don't really know how to!:)

So soon, hopefully, I will be up and running.  Until then, know all is well with us, and we are looking forward to having some cooler weather!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The Fenner Family will be switching from a man on man defense, to a zone defense.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bahama Mama

grounds at a nice dinner, and $$$ hotel

At the end of August, Adam and I were fortunate enough to go on vacation.  We are so spoiled, so many vacations this year.  this time it was to use up some of his parents time share points.  We chose the Bahama's.  It had something for each of us.  Casino's for Adam, though I do enjoy a good round of black jack, I was not so successful this trip.  Beaches/ pools and kid free "nap anytime I want" days for me!:)

It wasn't Adam's first time, but it was mine.  I really enjoyed it.  Though the weather was hotter than I would say I wanted it to be, luckily, we spent lots of time floating down the lazy river at the Atlantis, or in the pristine ocean.  Seriously people, I don't like oceans.  I have sensitive feet and don't like walking on rocks or shells or whatever other crud you tend to find on the ocean floor.  You could literally see the bottom on the ocean in like 5 feet of water.  Amazing. 

View from our fancy dinner
Chocolate shop visited on the food tour
We did some other fun things, like a walking food tour, which I will HIGHLY recommend looking into when ever travelling.  We found out that Dallas has one that we really want to try out.  It was fun getting to go to some local restaurants that had amazing food, that if it were not for the tour we would have never set foot in. 

Other than those major things, we spent our five days resting, relaxing and enjoying each other's company! Sadly, I didn't take many pictures, but I think the few we did get, kind of tell the story!  We have already planned a trip in our heads for a couple of years down the road.  The boys will really love going to Atlantis and playing in the water park, as well as watching all the fish.  So much to do there!  We just have to make sure Dylan reaches the height requirements!:)