Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh the places...

This summer has been the summer of "going somewhere" as I mentioned in an earlier post, Dylan always wants to "go somewhere" Luckily for him, I had a few places on my summer "To Do" list.  We have hit just about all of them.

We went to Medieval Times, and  played at a few different mall play places.

Some of the "new" places we have been are Kid Mania.  They love this place, as do I.  They can be pretty independent there, although When we are not Carson and Caleb, the boys need some adult love.  Luckily we went with Daddy this day, so he was all for it.

CooCoo's: This is just another bounce place.  They have a train though that is free with admission, I think the boys rode this train 10 times while we were there.  Another perk: open on Sundays!

We went to two movies this summer, Monsters Inc, and Planes.  So long as I provided them with food, they were pretty happy at both!

We hit the zoo on one lovely summer morning, and plan to do so again this coming week.

I finally got the courage to use our Perot museum passes.  I was always afraid there would be a zillion kids/ people there, but we lucked out the morning we went, and there was hardly anyone there. They loved it as well, so that was a plus!


Overall, I would say we stayed pretty busy this summer between all our "new places", the pool, library, and of course school! Now that the boys have started back at school, I'm sure that our outings will become less frequent, but I have a list going to things that I want to do now that the weather will hopefully be getting cooler!:) 

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