Friday, September 6, 2013

Bahama Mama

grounds at a nice dinner, and $$$ hotel

At the end of August, Adam and I were fortunate enough to go on vacation.  We are so spoiled, so many vacations this year.  this time it was to use up some of his parents time share points.  We chose the Bahama's.  It had something for each of us.  Casino's for Adam, though I do enjoy a good round of black jack, I was not so successful this trip.  Beaches/ pools and kid free "nap anytime I want" days for me!:)

It wasn't Adam's first time, but it was mine.  I really enjoyed it.  Though the weather was hotter than I would say I wanted it to be, luckily, we spent lots of time floating down the lazy river at the Atlantis, or in the pristine ocean.  Seriously people, I don't like oceans.  I have sensitive feet and don't like walking on rocks or shells or whatever other crud you tend to find on the ocean floor.  You could literally see the bottom on the ocean in like 5 feet of water.  Amazing. 

View from our fancy dinner
Chocolate shop visited on the food tour
We did some other fun things, like a walking food tour, which I will HIGHLY recommend looking into when ever travelling.  We found out that Dallas has one that we really want to try out.  It was fun getting to go to some local restaurants that had amazing food, that if it were not for the tour we would have never set foot in. 

Other than those major things, we spent our five days resting, relaxing and enjoying each other's company! Sadly, I didn't take many pictures, but I think the few we did get, kind of tell the story!  We have already planned a trip in our heads for a couple of years down the road.  The boys will really love going to Atlantis and playing in the water park, as well as watching all the fish.  So much to do there!  We just have to make sure Dylan reaches the height requirements!:)

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