Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back they go...

Pirate Dylan- First day MDO 2013

Another year of Mother's Day Out.  Sadly, this year we had to change schools.  Graham was finally old enough to go to Shepard's kids, where Dylan had been for the last  two years, but the 18 month class didn't make. 

First day MDO 2013
After much going back and forth with the Director there, we were finally on a waiting list for the 2's class.  She was willing to bump him up for me, but of course the class was full.  Firewheel ( where they go during the summer) had openings for both of them.  So I signed them up, hopeful that if we got into Shepard's kids, I could just take them out.  Well, of course, they started asking for money.  After a huge struggle for me emotionally, I had to call the director of Shepards kids and tell her to take us off the waiting list.  I couldn't risk Graham not going to school this year.  I was so sad.  I love the people that work there.

Firewheel is going well.  They both seem to enjoy their classes.  Graham has two friends, Caleb and Everett that he is always excited to see in the morning.  Dylan has Everett's brother Caden in his class, so that is nice.  Dylan has finally stopped asking if we are going back to the "old school" so that makes me happy.

It was such a hard choice for me, but I know in the end, it will hopefully make Dylan's transition to Full time Pre K next year, also at Firewheel, easier on him. He will be used to going there, and all of the things they have to offer. 

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