Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yup, that's right, we have a little laugher on our hands. Last night during bath time with Daddy, Dylan let out a little giggle. He really loves floating around in the big bathtub with us. He was just soo happy and we got a few giggles out of him! Tonight I am going to have the video camera ready, just in case he does it again!! Let's cross our fingers!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy week...

There is one week that is a pretty busy one for us here in the Fenner Family. And it's the week of the 9th to the 16th of February. That week consists of, our " Dating" anniversary on the 9th, Valentines day, then my birthday on the 16th!:) Needless to say, I don't get gifts for all those days like I used to in High School, but I still get pampered a little bit!

Lets start with Valentines day ( I got breakfast in bed for our anniversary, which sadly, I forgot)... My mom and sister came over bringing with them " Valentines Day doughnuts!!! What better way to start of the day of LOVE with doughnuts? I don't think there is a way. They hung out with Dylan for a little while, and Adam started our dinner! Homemade sweet potato raviolis. I joined him in the kitchen to help make the pasta. Once I got the hand of how to make the little raviolis ( They were not your typical ones, but I can't remember the name!) I did pretty well. We finished those off with a spinach and sausage cream sauce. MAN OH MAN, they were Delicious!

My birthday, we went to a souffle place called Rise on Monday night with Adam's parents. It was great, other than the fact that Dylan decided to break his 6-6 record of sleeping at restaurants and wanted to be held the whole time. When we left Adam's parents house I said " Well I'm full, but I don't really remember eating" I have always been a fast eater, but with a baby, you REALLY learn to eat fast, because you NEVER know when he is going to need me! So I had finished all of my dish, before most others were half way through... oh well!! Then Tuesday on my actual birthday, Aunt Erin came over to baby sit for us, and we went to the Cheesecake Factory! Fancy I know, but it was easy, and quick. And I love me some cheesecake! Adam also got me the Tory Burch flats that I have been wanting, but am just too cheap to buy for myself:) I can be a fashionable momma now!

I had a girls night on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, but somehow I ended up keeping Dylan at the house, so it wasn't really a break from him. But I am happy to report that he was really, REALLY good. He just kinda sat in his chair and looked around at everyone. He got to see his friend Carson, who is trying to teach Dylan how to crawl, but Dylan just isn't getting it! It was great to sit around and talk to girls though. I get to talk to Adam alot, and well, he just doesn't gossip much! He went to play golf with Colter, which worked out well because Casey came over, though we both were VERY surprised they didn't just play video games! It's their favorite past time! But Adam had fun, so that was good, and like I said, Dylan was soo good, that I didn't mind that he stayed!

New Dylan Pics on his page!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dylan pictures!

Just wanted to remind everyone that I'm going to be putting Dylan's pictures that don't really have a story on his photo page. Just click the " Watch Dylan Grow" under my header!!!

P:S I put some up from his first Valentines day, I'll try to put more up tomorrow.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

splish splash

One thing Dylan has loved since well his third bath is his being in the bath! So here is a video, this is the first time he really " played" in the bath. Tonight, I gave him the name " Splashasourus" becuase I'm pretty sure there was more water on the floor, counter and mirror by the end, than there was in the little tub!!! I think it's time to move him to the big tub ( I mean just put his whale tub into the big tub!:)) !!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Angel

Adam and I have decided that Dylan has brought all of the snow. For those of you who might not remember the first snow this winter season, no it wasn't Christmas eve, it was December 2. That is the day Dylan was born. Though the snow o ly stuck for a few hours, he made sure to make his entrance into the world while the big flakes were coming down!! So we blame him for all the snow we've gotten!!
Which I'll have you know, we got more snow here yesterday than we EVER did while in Philly. But on the other hand, I'm glad I'm not in Philly seeing they have about 40 inches!!!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost a decade...

Yesterday Adam and I celebrated our NINE year "dating " anniversary. By celebrated I mean, I got breakfast in bed, and we went out to dinner. Nothing fancy:) So I thought that I would do a post based on the last nine years. I scanned all kinds of pictures ( because digitalis were a thing of the future back then) So you'll have to forgive the poor quality!!! Let me start of by saying, that we have beaten the odds. We have been together thick and thin for these past years. Not a day broken up, as was a popular thing to do in high school. Adam asked me out February 9, 2001 and we have been together EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. since. Though he was in Germany for a few months studying abroad ;) So lets get started shall we? And again, sorry for the poor quality of images!

This here is the VERY first picture ever taken of Adam and I once we were officially " going out"

Here we are at Putt Putt, sometime early. I'm not exactly sure when. But I actually developed this picture in my photo- Journalism class, so it was sometime during Junior year!:)

Homecoming 2001. Mum exchange at Liz Russel's house. Funny story ( Sorry Adam) So we were doing this " mum exchange" and Adam shows up at Liz's house late, and WITHOUT my mum. He said he didn't know that he was supposed to bring it!;) haha, so he had to run home and get it during rush hour traffic. We missed all of the group photo's because of this. Needless to stay, the next year he didn't forget it!

At dinner before the homecoming dance. Ruggeries ( or something like that) in Addison. It's no longer there!!!
Medieval Times. Senior year homecoming. This was the night that the girls took the guys out. It was a really fun time. All the boys got the little light wand things...:)
Mum exchange! He brought it this time! And it even had lights and a cow bell on it!:) It was so heavy I had to wear a rope around my neck to school so that it wouldn't pull my shirt off!
Professional picture taken at the dance. I loved my dress. It's funny looking back on it now, how I could have ever thought that I was " fat" in high school. I would KILL to look like this again!!! Maybe some day!
Prom 2003. We had just finished pictures and we were in the Escalade Limo heading to dinner! We look pretty happy to be going to PROM!!!
The first vacation that I ever went on with Adam and his family. Skiing in Colorado. Little did I know that there would be MANY more vacations with them!
Skipping ahead a few years here, because of pictures being lost... Christmas Party 2006 with Adam and I's friends from A&M!!

So I know I'm missing lots of pictures from our engagement, and our three week trip around Europe, but there are too many to put on here. Though here is one of us in Barcelona!

Skip ahead, we're Mr. and Mrs. Fenner, May 2007!!!!
This is self explanatory! I gave Adam that onesie along with a positive test as a way to tell him about, who is now, Dylan!!!

Adam graduates!!!! We move back to Texas!!!
Where we are living happily ever after !!!! ( Cheesy I know!)
So there you have it. Adam and I over 9 years. Hope I didn't bore you too much. It was fun for me to look back through all of our old pictures and remember the things we have done!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2 Months

Dylan turned 2 Months old on Tuesday, so this is a little late but oh well!!

What happened this month?

- We had to start supplementing you with formula, because you weren't gaining enough weight. Good thing you LOVE formula.

- Your first week with formula, you gained 12 oz! Dr. Daniel was so proud of you!

-You are now wearing size 1 Diapers, and have been for about 3 weeks!!

-You are finally fitting better into your clothes, though you can still wear newborn sleepers.

-Your pants finally don't fall off of you, but they have a long way until they start fitting you correctly!

- You have started smiling, though it's still not on demand, only when your happy in the mornings!

- Looking around is your new favorite thing, you hate to stair at someones shoulder!

- Your working so hard to hold your head up all by yourself. It's soooo much stronger and you can look around for a little while, but then it gets to heavy!

-You rolled over! From your belly to you back. Though everyone missed it because well, we weren't watching, and the dog was in the way. You have done it again since for me, but Daddy has yet to see it!!!

- You've been sleeping in your own room! You seem to like it!!

- You LOVE your mobile and your swing mobile, you'll stare at them forever if they kept going around and around!!!

Dylan really is the most amazing baby. He never cries, and if he does, well it's because he is hungry! Even though the kid eats like a TON, he is still probably weighting in under 10 lbs!! He's going to be like his daddy, long and lean! We go on Monday for his 2 months appointment, and the dreaded shots, but I'm sure that we will make it thought! Adam and I couldn't have asked for a better baby. He has completely spoiled us for all babies to come I'm sure. Because from what I hear, we've really lucked out with this one!!! haha. We'll see, maybe he'll be hell on wheels when he turns one!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lesson Learned

It was learned the hard way. Sunday night, my sister and mom were over for dinner to celebrate mom's birthday. I decided I wanted to start a fire. I've never stared one before. I've always left that job to Adam. But since we had just gotten a long lighter, I figured I would give it ago. So Adam helped instruct me on how to do it. And I successfully got it lit. A short time after I notice TONS of black smoke coming from the fire place. THE FLUE( Is that how you spell it?)!!! Yup, that's right, stupid me didn't open it. Needless to say EVERY. SINGLE. smoke alarm was going off in our house and it was freaking loud. I haven't ever counted how many we have but it is plenty! One even talks to us. It says " Fire" as if the other 15 shrieking sounds weren't warning enough. We will not EVER be sleeping though a fire alarm going off. Good to know!