Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy week...

There is one week that is a pretty busy one for us here in the Fenner Family. And it's the week of the 9th to the 16th of February. That week consists of, our " Dating" anniversary on the 9th, Valentines day, then my birthday on the 16th!:) Needless to say, I don't get gifts for all those days like I used to in High School, but I still get pampered a little bit!

Lets start with Valentines day ( I got breakfast in bed for our anniversary, which sadly, I forgot)... My mom and sister came over bringing with them " Valentines Day doughnuts!!! What better way to start of the day of LOVE with doughnuts? I don't think there is a way. They hung out with Dylan for a little while, and Adam started our dinner! Homemade sweet potato raviolis. I joined him in the kitchen to help make the pasta. Once I got the hand of how to make the little raviolis ( They were not your typical ones, but I can't remember the name!) I did pretty well. We finished those off with a spinach and sausage cream sauce. MAN OH MAN, they were Delicious!

My birthday, we went to a souffle place called Rise on Monday night with Adam's parents. It was great, other than the fact that Dylan decided to break his 6-6 record of sleeping at restaurants and wanted to be held the whole time. When we left Adam's parents house I said " Well I'm full, but I don't really remember eating" I have always been a fast eater, but with a baby, you REALLY learn to eat fast, because you NEVER know when he is going to need me! So I had finished all of my dish, before most others were half way through... oh well!! Then Tuesday on my actual birthday, Aunt Erin came over to baby sit for us, and we went to the Cheesecake Factory! Fancy I know, but it was easy, and quick. And I love me some cheesecake! Adam also got me the Tory Burch flats that I have been wanting, but am just too cheap to buy for myself:) I can be a fashionable momma now!

I had a girls night on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, but somehow I ended up keeping Dylan at the house, so it wasn't really a break from him. But I am happy to report that he was really, REALLY good. He just kinda sat in his chair and looked around at everyone. He got to see his friend Carson, who is trying to teach Dylan how to crawl, but Dylan just isn't getting it! It was great to sit around and talk to girls though. I get to talk to Adam alot, and well, he just doesn't gossip much! He went to play golf with Colter, which worked out well because Casey came over, though we both were VERY surprised they didn't just play video games! It's their favorite past time! But Adam had fun, so that was good, and like I said, Dylan was soo good, that I didn't mind that he stayed!

New Dylan Pics on his page!

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