Thursday, February 4, 2010

2 Months

Dylan turned 2 Months old on Tuesday, so this is a little late but oh well!!

What happened this month?

- We had to start supplementing you with formula, because you weren't gaining enough weight. Good thing you LOVE formula.

- Your first week with formula, you gained 12 oz! Dr. Daniel was so proud of you!

-You are now wearing size 1 Diapers, and have been for about 3 weeks!!

-You are finally fitting better into your clothes, though you can still wear newborn sleepers.

-Your pants finally don't fall off of you, but they have a long way until they start fitting you correctly!

- You have started smiling, though it's still not on demand, only when your happy in the mornings!

- Looking around is your new favorite thing, you hate to stair at someones shoulder!

- Your working so hard to hold your head up all by yourself. It's soooo much stronger and you can look around for a little while, but then it gets to heavy!

-You rolled over! From your belly to you back. Though everyone missed it because well, we weren't watching, and the dog was in the way. You have done it again since for me, but Daddy has yet to see it!!!

- You've been sleeping in your own room! You seem to like it!!

- You LOVE your mobile and your swing mobile, you'll stare at them forever if they kept going around and around!!!

Dylan really is the most amazing baby. He never cries, and if he does, well it's because he is hungry! Even though the kid eats like a TON, he is still probably weighting in under 10 lbs!! He's going to be like his daddy, long and lean! We go on Monday for his 2 months appointment, and the dreaded shots, but I'm sure that we will make it thought! Adam and I couldn't have asked for a better baby. He has completely spoiled us for all babies to come I'm sure. Because from what I hear, we've really lucked out with this one!!! haha. We'll see, maybe he'll be hell on wheels when he turns one!!!

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The Apiary said...

Good Luck with the shots, they hurt you more than they will hurt him.. They crying only last a few seconds. Call your doctor and find out how much Tylenol you can give him before the apointment.. That seems to help Bella afterwards.. He looks like he is starting to get his own little personlaity.. I feel the same way I know if we had another one it would not be as easy as Bella.