Sunday, August 30, 2009

Already Stubborn

Yup, that's our child.  We went on Thursday for a 3d sonogram, and didn't get ANY good pictures.  Dylan was being very stubborn!  His hands were in his face the entire time.  The tech even had me get down and walk around and drink some cold water, to get him moving.  You know what that did?  Made him put his ARM over his face as well as his other hand.  Then he just flat out went to sleep!  Silly little boy!  So we'll be going back in a few weeks to see if he works with us!!  But we DO know his has 10 fingers and 10 toes, and it looks like he is going to have some REALLY long fingers!  lol.. I bet he is going to be long and thin, just like his Daddy!

 It looks like we might be having a pretty good turn out for next weekend for a Labor Day get together!  So that's exciting, grilled food and beer... well punch for me!:)   I'm excited!!! I'll try and take some pictures!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

" The Perfect Pregnancy"


This is what my Dr. told me last week.  I have the perfect pregnancy, keep it up!  Well, I do have to brag on my baby today, even though he isn't on the outside world yet.  He really has let me have a PERFECT pregnancy.. let me put it in bulletins...

~ No morning sickness what-so-ever... and man I hope that is the same with all my other babies!:)

~ No food aversions or cravings... Adam and I have discussed that since I don't really have " cravings per se, that they don't exist.  Pregnant people just make them up, because that's what they read about!;)  Not to say that I don't have the " I see" diet, if I'm watching food network, which I do ALL THE TIME.. and I see something on there that looks good, I want it, but I would not make Adam leave in the middle of the night for anything, nor WOULD he leave the house to get me anything!

~I have had no symptoms.  No heartburn, no headaches, I was tired, but no more than usual, I feel great actually, I TRULY LOVE being pregnant. It's amazing to think about what Adam and I created, and I love that Adam gets such a smile on his face when he feels him!

~ He lets us find out that he was a boy about a month earlier than most Dr. will even bother looking!

~ He lets me sleep.  He kicks me in the morning when I wake up, and in the evening while watching TV. Non of this waking me up in the middle of the night with feet to the ribs.  Thank you Dylan, I've really appreciate my 10 + hours of sleep every night!

Now, here is where it got a little tricky. If you might remember, I failed my one hour glucose test and had to take the three hour.  That could have been a little " hiccup" in the perfect pregnancy since, well it would put me into the " high risk" category, but we successfully passed that, though my Dr. wants me to watch my carbs!!!

Another down side, is we seem to have started needing two bathroom breaks during the night.  luckily, it's a straight shot to the bathroom and I don't even have to open my eyes!:)

Friday, August 21, 2009

No news..

I know there are many of you waiting on the edge of your seat to find out if I have Diabetes, ( Just kidding, only Adam and I, I suppose) But you'll have to wait until Monday! The results got there too late for Dr.Chester to read them, so he'll have to do it on Monday! I guess I get another 2 days of eating carbs and chocolate... just in case it's my last for the next oh... 4 months! EEKKKK!!!!Keep em' fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yup, that's right, I failed my one hour glucose test!  I have to do a 3 hour on Thursday, which I'm not looking forward to.  Luckily, the "orange drink" that everyone said is so awful, wasn't bad at all!  So that's good!

In other news, Dylan is doing just fine.  My belly is measuring right on target for 24 weeks.  It's amazing, sometimes I don't feel like I should be that far, but then others, it's like.. wow, I'm ONLY 24 weeks?  

PLEASE everyone cross your fingers that I don't have gestational diabetes, I love chocolate and carbs toooooo much!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Soccer or Football????

We've got a kicker on our hands! Dylan has been VERY active the last week or so, it's gotten to the point of consistent movement during the day and every day. We have a routine it seems like, and according to that routine, he sleeps during the night! Anyone wanna bet me that won't be the case come December? I didn't think so!
So we wake up in the morning pretty feisty, then he takes a little nap, around noon I feel him a little more, but the evening is when he is up and raring to go. I'm pretty sure he is still not head down, which the Dr. isn't worried about because we still have TONS of time, but it would be nice for him to NOT kick my bladder every time he wants to say "hello." So I guess the question is, will he play soccer or football, and be a kicker like his Daddy?
Let's be honest though really, Adam and I are NOT likely to produce a football players, we're thinking more along the lines of a soccer, or tennis player. Though Adam is hoping for a golfer, and for sanity sake, I'm hoping that he doesn't want to play baseball! But you know, whatever he wants, his Mommy will do...
Tomorrow is my gestational diabetes test... wish me luck that I pass the one hour so I don't have to do the 3 hour one!
The nesting phase has hit I think, yesterday I REALLY wanted to do something baby related, but there really is nothing to be had until we get the bedding. Which, * Crosses fingers* should be this week or next! So today we made a Hobby Lobby trip and I got a craft project. I'll post details on the finished product.
On a house note: Adam has finished his poker table, which looks really good, and we're getting pretty settled in. Looks like we'll be ready for that Labor Day party we wanted after all!!! YES, finally get to make that non-alcoholic punch I've been wanting, of course with a bottle of Vodka next to it for spiking, for all the non pregnant people!!! Can't wait!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am amazed at how much longer it takes to vacuum the house. I guess that's what happens when you go from getting used to a 1800 sq ft house where you only vacuum the living room, bedroom, and occasionally the office. I now have an almost 4000 sq ft home that has a living room, office, formal living room, and dining room, and 4 other bedrooms, landing of stairs and media room.  It took SOOO long!  I'm not sure I can handle it, good thing my kind husband carried the vacuum upstairs( for his lazy pregnant wife) and finished it for me.  Thank goodness for the DYSON!

We're headed to our first block party tonight, Murphy does a city wide night, so ALL of the subdivisions are having theirs tonight which I think is a cool idea.  Ours it at the swimming pool, where there will be pizza and other goodies like a bounce house, which we're pretty sure is being rented from the guy down the street that has hundreds in his garage:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Diaper Bag Dilemma

I know, I know, there are things that I should be more worried about, but picking a diaper bag is a TOUGH choice. There are so many out there to choose from! From really inexpensive, to really expensive, think, Gucci or Prada!!! lol, the most expensive I've though about it Kate Spade, but quickly decided instead of paying $500 for one bag, I would rather, have 5 $100, to choose between. Though I won't REALLY have that many!

Some of my criteria:
Functional- Obviously, I want to be able to carry everything I'll need if I'm out for the day!
I don't want it to LOOK like a diaper bag. No, trucks or puppy's on it in other words!
I want it to last, if I'm spending more than say $50 on it!

Current front runners are:
And Oioi, but I don't have a favorite!!!

See, so many choices!!! HELP ME PICK PLEASE!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday night!

Friday night was a big milestone in the Fenner house. Adam felt Dylan kick me in the gut for the first time!!! In the last few weeks, Dylan has become more and more active, but he is especially frisky right after I eat! And I guess maybe I squish him when I lay down flat on my back, because that's when I can feel him the most! So we were laying there and I felt him, so I grabbed Adam's hand, which I will say had been happening the last few nights but he couldn't feel him, so I just laid there and let Adam tell me if it happened. Well, sure enough, Adam jumped a little and got a huge smile on his face and was like " I FELT THAT!" Sadly, that's all Dylan had for the evening, but Saturday, he got lots of kicks in. It was almost like he knew his Daddy was trying to feel him, because he kicked me once, I told Adam where to put his hand, then he went crazy, and as soon as Adam took his hand off, there was no more moving.
So know, every night after we eat. We assume our positions, Adam at one end of the couch, me laying down with my feet in his lap, with his hand on my belly!!! It's awesome feeling him now, a feeling like nothing else really!

On a not baby related note, we had a really busy weekend, and we've been VERY productive today. Seeing that I can't seem to sleep past about 8:30, and even Adam has been waking up early, so we get a lot done. Another post on that later!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Proud New Owners!

In the last few weeks we have been buying all kinds of things for the new house. Sofas, window treatments, our washer and dryer ( which are amazing by the way), we're still looking for the perfect dining room table. Earlier this week, we bought a DYSON, ( Also Amazing... I love to vacuum, and a new toaster oven, that can hold a 9x13 pan... AWESOME. But yesterday, my mom and I went shopping. She bought us our travel system. We can't thank her enough, because it is something that we will use everyday when Dylan is here, and it's pretty too! Adam and I test drove it around the house, and it's so smooth, and I even put the car seat base into his car to test it out. Easy as pie, just like Bob at Lonestar Baby said! So here it is... isn't it pretty
It's a Chicco, Keyfit. It's baby blue pin stripped, with orange details!!! So cute, I love it, and it's so cushy, so Dylan will be comfy!

On other baby news, the bedding that I told you all that I had ordered, sadly has been discontinued and Caden Lane is all out of stock.:( So I had to get another one. Though this one is VERY similar, and many of you can't tell a difference I can. But you can see if HERE. So we still think we will be doing stripes on one wall, then solid on the other three. I was thinking the other day it's only been four weeks since we ordered our furniture. It seems like it was so long ago, too bad we have 8 weeks left until it gets here!!

I have been taking belly pictures on a "mostly" weekly basis, and although I didn't think anyone would care, I've gotten a few requests for them, from people I never see, so please excuse my face/ hair in a few, we usually take them before I'm ready in the morning, or at night after a long day! So the first one is from 12 weeks 5 days ( really bad picture sorry, you can blame Adam!), the second is from last night at 21 weeks 5 days!

Monday, August 3, 2009


So as promised, here are some pictures from Utah. It was gorgeous, I need to go back during the winter, because I bet that it's unbelievable. So, here they are are in particular order!
Picture from the golf course. I rode along, I don't play!

Isn't he cute? Look how much grass he has on his club... but I think it was a good hit!

At Olympic Park, where the well... Olympics were help in 2002!

Park Silly Sunday Market. It's an Earth friendly market, where everything is pretty much made out of recycled materials, as well as local products. Very Eco friendly city...

Even I enjoyed golfing/ riding along at this course!


A deer crossed the fairway right in front of us... then she was followed by her 2 babies!:)

So there you have it... a little taste of Park City Utah... I loved it, and hope to make it back there for some winter activities!!!