Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Proud New Owners!

In the last few weeks we have been buying all kinds of things for the new house. Sofas, window treatments, our washer and dryer ( which are amazing by the way), we're still looking for the perfect dining room table. Earlier this week, we bought a DYSON, ( Also Amazing... I love to vacuum, and a new toaster oven, that can hold a 9x13 pan... AWESOME. But yesterday, my mom and I went shopping. She bought us our travel system. We can't thank her enough, because it is something that we will use everyday when Dylan is here, and it's pretty too! Adam and I test drove it around the house, and it's so smooth, and I even put the car seat base into his car to test it out. Easy as pie, just like Bob at Lonestar Baby said! So here it is... isn't it pretty
It's a Chicco, Keyfit. It's baby blue pin stripped, with orange details!!! So cute, I love it, and it's so cushy, so Dylan will be comfy!

On other baby news, the bedding that I told you all that I had ordered, sadly has been discontinued and Caden Lane is all out of stock.:( So I had to get another one. Though this one is VERY similar, and many of you can't tell a difference I can. But you can see if HERE. So we still think we will be doing stripes on one wall, then solid on the other three. I was thinking the other day it's only been four weeks since we ordered our furniture. It seems like it was so long ago, too bad we have 8 weeks left until it gets here!!

I have been taking belly pictures on a "mostly" weekly basis, and although I didn't think anyone would care, I've gotten a few requests for them, from people I never see, so please excuse my face/ hair in a few, we usually take them before I'm ready in the morning, or at night after a long day! So the first one is from 12 weeks 5 days ( really bad picture sorry, you can blame Adam!), the second is from last night at 21 weeks 5 days!


Alison said...

Cute belly pictures! I love your new house by the way. The front is just gorgeous!!

The Yartym's said...

You look so cute preggy!! We have the same stroller and you will LOVE it! It is so easy to operate and makes things so convenient. Good pick!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

you look so cute!!