Monday, August 17, 2009

Soccer or Football????

We've got a kicker on our hands! Dylan has been VERY active the last week or so, it's gotten to the point of consistent movement during the day and every day. We have a routine it seems like, and according to that routine, he sleeps during the night! Anyone wanna bet me that won't be the case come December? I didn't think so!
So we wake up in the morning pretty feisty, then he takes a little nap, around noon I feel him a little more, but the evening is when he is up and raring to go. I'm pretty sure he is still not head down, which the Dr. isn't worried about because we still have TONS of time, but it would be nice for him to NOT kick my bladder every time he wants to say "hello." So I guess the question is, will he play soccer or football, and be a kicker like his Daddy?
Let's be honest though really, Adam and I are NOT likely to produce a football players, we're thinking more along the lines of a soccer, or tennis player. Though Adam is hoping for a golfer, and for sanity sake, I'm hoping that he doesn't want to play baseball! But you know, whatever he wants, his Mommy will do...
Tomorrow is my gestational diabetes test... wish me luck that I pass the one hour so I don't have to do the 3 hour one!
The nesting phase has hit I think, yesterday I REALLY wanted to do something baby related, but there really is nothing to be had until we get the bedding. Which, * Crosses fingers* should be this week or next! So today we made a Hobby Lobby trip and I got a craft project. I'll post details on the finished product.
On a house note: Adam has finished his poker table, which looks really good, and we're getting pretty settled in. Looks like we'll be ready for that Labor Day party we wanted after all!!! YES, finally get to make that non-alcoholic punch I've been wanting, of course with a bottle of Vodka next to it for spiking, for all the non pregnant people!!! Can't wait!

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