Monday, August 3, 2009


So as promised, here are some pictures from Utah. It was gorgeous, I need to go back during the winter, because I bet that it's unbelievable. So, here they are are in particular order!
Picture from the golf course. I rode along, I don't play!

Isn't he cute? Look how much grass he has on his club... but I think it was a good hit!

At Olympic Park, where the well... Olympics were help in 2002!

Park Silly Sunday Market. It's an Earth friendly market, where everything is pretty much made out of recycled materials, as well as local products. Very Eco friendly city...

Even I enjoyed golfing/ riding along at this course!


A deer crossed the fairway right in front of us... then she was followed by her 2 babies!:)

So there you have it... a little taste of Park City Utah... I loved it, and hope to make it back there for some winter activities!!!

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