Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday night!

Friday night was a big milestone in the Fenner house. Adam felt Dylan kick me in the gut for the first time!!! In the last few weeks, Dylan has become more and more active, but he is especially frisky right after I eat! And I guess maybe I squish him when I lay down flat on my back, because that's when I can feel him the most! So we were laying there and I felt him, so I grabbed Adam's hand, which I will say had been happening the last few nights but he couldn't feel him, so I just laid there and let Adam tell me if it happened. Well, sure enough, Adam jumped a little and got a huge smile on his face and was like " I FELT THAT!" Sadly, that's all Dylan had for the evening, but Saturday, he got lots of kicks in. It was almost like he knew his Daddy was trying to feel him, because he kicked me once, I told Adam where to put his hand, then he went crazy, and as soon as Adam took his hand off, there was no more moving.
So know, every night after we eat. We assume our positions, Adam at one end of the couch, me laying down with my feet in his lap, with his hand on my belly!!! It's awesome feeling him now, a feeling like nothing else really!

On a not baby related note, we had a really busy weekend, and we've been VERY productive today. Seeing that I can't seem to sleep past about 8:30, and even Adam has been waking up early, so we get a lot done. Another post on that later!

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