Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tessa {Five Months}

Little bit has gone and turned five whole months on us.  She is still just a little joy! This month she has given us smiles and giggles, teased us by sleeping through the night, and been on her first plane ride and vacation.  She has been a trouper through all of it.  No new tricks STILL this month, no rolling, sitting or anything like that.  I feel like it's because she spends the vast majority of her time asleep, or in the car seat.  She doesn't get a whole lot of time on the floor. I've been making a huge effort though.  She will roll to her side and she is happy so I think that's why she hasn't gone all the way over yet!

Right after her 4 month birthday she slept through the night for almost a week.  That quickly ended.  Then we went on vacation and she had to sleep in the room with us, and she did great, only waking at about 5-6, then we put her in bed with us, and she would sleep another 2ish hours. Note:  Neither of the boys have ever slept with us.  I thought that I would always bring her into my bed since I saw she slept more but since being home it happened once.  Last week was a rough week for sleep.  She was waking up two sometimes three times a night.  She didn't appear hungry( would only eat a couple ounces), there are no teeth, so the only thing I can think is that she hit that four month regression a little late!

We went to Denver on vacation.  She flew on a plane.  She mostly slept on the plane.  Though in her little bit of awake time she did manage to poop three times.  Once, requiring an outfit change.  Luckily, I learned my lesson with Dylan many years ago and had a change of clothes for everyone, and a couple for Tessa.  Needless to say, Adam and I got really good at changing her just laying across us!:) On our vacation she went on her first, and probably last hike in the baby backpack.  She did great, and never made a sound!

Tessa has found her feet,and her tongue and her voice.  She loves to yell.  She sounds so mad,but she really is just happy yelling.  It's loud though.  Her feet, oh she always has them in her hands!  She also loves to grab her toys on her play mat, and the ones on her car seat.  She grabs them so hard though she often can't untangle her fingers and gets really mad.

She loves her brothers something fierce but I have a feeling is going to start getting really tired of them being all up in her grill all. the. time.  You would have thought her newness would have worn off to Dylan by now, but he is still infatuated with her.  She gets night night hugs and kisses from both on a nightly basis, they bring her toys, want to take her picture, and feed her.  She is a lucky little girly!

Again, no rolling, she will occasionally roll from her belly to her back, but not always, often she will face plant and scream and I feel sad for her so I'll roll her over.  She rolled from back to belly once, but I'm guessing it was a fluke since she hasn't done it again.

She is still my tiny little girl, still wearing 0-3 month clothes.  3-6 month sleepers.  I've come to the conclusion she must have long legs and a short torso, because she is about to bust out of her sleepers, but has plenty of room left in the onsies.  Soon, I'll get to look at some new clothes though!  I've stocked her up for next spring/ summer!  Lets just say, I hope she likes to wear dresses!:)

5 Months Stats:

5-6 Oz bottles - about 28 Oz a day
pretty irratic sleeping
3 Month onsies
3-6 Month sleepers