Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who would buy that?

I don't know about ya'll but I get sucked into infomercials. You know the ones. Cheesey sales people, and pretty lame products. I don't know what it is about these commercials that makes me watch them, but I do. I always think to myself " Wow, that's pretty awesome" but never ONCE have a bought an infomercial item. Shamwow? I can't beleive I don't own one of those. Also, that GT Xpress 101. AMAZING! I want to make stuffed pizzas! But nope, never purchased. I have seen some pretty ridiculous as well as useful items on tv as well. So this is what inspired my post. WHO WOULD BUY THAT?
Pajama Jeans! Have you seen this ad? I mean come on. I'm as lazy as they come and even I can put jeans on! I don't care what anyone thinks either, they DO NO look like normal jeans. Look at those ladies ass's, terrible.

The next latest and greatest product I've seen is Style Snaps. Now at first I though, hey, that's a pretty good idea. I'm pretty picky about what my hems look like and this just doesn't cut it! What do you think?

What are some of your favorite infomercials? What products have you purchased from them?

Monday, February 21, 2011


I have no excuses. I'm lazy. So to my 5 readers, I'm sorry I haven't updated you on the happenings in this house in a while. Lots has happened in February! Adam and I celebrated our 10 year dating "anniversary", went and spent the night away in Paris (no no just Paris TX),we celebrated Valentines day and of course I turned 26. That's still pretty weird to think about. But I don't feel like I look or feel 26, so I'm not freaking out don't worry! This month seems to have flown by. I think it has something to do with the 2 weeks of freezing icy weather, that kept us locked in the house. Like my last post stated, I really loved being in, but this past week has been gorgeous, and I've enjoyed taking my little man to the park and sitting outside blowing bubbles!

I know that none of you readers care what Adam and I are doing, which is actually good, because it's not much. So I know y'all want a Dylan update. He is almost 15 months. Can you believe that? He amazes me everyday. He learns something new, and you can just see his brain churning. It's awesome. Oh yeah, and last week, he decided to walk full time. Yup, finally. He very rarely crawls anymore. Really just when he falls and needs to get somewhere quickly! He has tried running, but isn't quite there. He seems like much less of a baby now that he can walk. He is so cute doing it too, his back arches, and he really loves to carry things. The last couple of days it's been plastic baby coat hangers! He also really likes Daddy's putter.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I always knew that I preferred to be at home. Go to a bar? No, thanks, I'll stay at home and drink. Go to the movies? Naw, we'll watch Netflix. Being a home- body, really makes life cheaper too. It wasn't until this winter ice storm, that I realized how much I really like being at home. All I read on Facebook, is " gosh, I've got to get out of this house, or man, ANYTHING to get me out of this house." You know what? I've been inside ALL week. Dylan was sick this weekend, so I haven't left the house since Saturday. I'm not going stir crazy at all. I like being in my PJ's. Adam was home on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we just had a big PJ party. We through food in the crock pot, snuggled up and watched TV, and played with our favorite little boy. I don't plan on going anywhere tomorrow either. Call me a chicken, whatever, but the idea of driving on ice scares the crap out of me. Our street still looks like an ice rink, and our driveway is also. So I'll be sitting tight until Saturday when it finally gets above freezing to melt all this stuff.

But I am glad Adam went to work today, we are out of food!:)