Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Champs!

That's right, Adam and I live in a city that has a championship team! Last night the Philadelphia Phillies took home the win, to win the 2008 World Series! It was crazy here last night. Fireworks, and screaming, people I swear were even walking/ running down our street banging pans together. That's right, Pans, as in the ones you cook with!

Alright, now I must confess, though we live in Philly, we don't watch baseball. Therefore, when we found out that the Phillies had actually made it to the play offs we were astonished! The last we had heard was at the beginning of the VERY long baseball season, that the Phillies were losing every game they played so we paid, no attention. And, well, baseball might be the second most boring sport to watch. With golf being first of course! We are proud to say though they did it, they won, and this city is going crazy. They are shutting down most of downtown tomorrow for a parade. They are crazy about their sports!

But hey, who knows, the Cowboys could still pull it together! That would put this city in a state of shock!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheddar Beer Bread

I made this last night, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a quick and easy loaf of bread to go along side with dinner. I made chili to go with mine and it was a HUGE hit in our house!! Here is the recipe

Cheddar Beer Bread
3 Cups Flour
1 Tablespoon Baking Powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
2 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Cups Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Grated
1/2 Cup Onion, Chopped
3 Garlic Cloves
12 Oz Beer ( I used Bud Light)

Pre heat oven to 350 Degrees

Combine all ingredients ( except beer) until well combined

Add Beer a quarter at a time, until all ingredients are Incorporated

Spoon into a greased 4x8 loaf pan and smooth down with a fork

Bake for 1 hour

Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Expecting snow?

Yes, you read that right! There is snow in our forecast! Tonight, and possibly tomorrow night. Now what's the chance that it will actaully snow? Not very high, but it's still nice to hear that it COULD happen. Today was absolutly disgusting. I'm talking, rain, cold, and wind. Wind gusting at like 60 MPH. So what did I do? Since I didn't have to work, I had a lazy day. I did a load of laundry, watched some of my girly shows that were recorded, ie: One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Grey's, and Eli Stone. But the most exciting thing I did was bake. I FIANLLY got to make my pumpkin cookies. You see, the wedding we were at this weekend had them at the rehersal dinner, and they were fantastic. So I made some, though mine are different, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, with a maple frosting. I havn't frosted them yet, but they are good without it!
Once I find my thing to transfer my pictures to the computer I'll post some pictures from this weekend, though I don't have that many. It was a great weekend, the wedding was saturday, but we got there Friday for the reshersal dinner, which was GREAT, even though it was as cold as it's been all year outside. After that we went to another cabin to do some drinking! Needless to say, I ended up in the hot tub with my jeans on ( Thank you Erica!) It was a great time had by all though, the drinking continued after the wedding reception at a huge bonfire they had, once that was over, there was more drinking to be had ( I didn't drink that night) then we went back to our cabin becuase we had to be up early!!! That's the short story of the weekend! I'll hopefully put up some pictures tomorrow!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's freezing! * Burrr*

Yesterday it was so cold.
Like 55 with winds about 30 MPH. It's official that fall/ winter are coming! YEY! Last night I went downtown to meet up with Adam, because he was supposed( yes supposed ) to have a flag football game at 8:30. So after work, I made my way home, to let the dogs out and grab so warm clothes. Scarf, wool coat, ear cover things, and some gloves, I was SET! So I get down to the school, and we go to get some dinner, Potbelly! We don't have one in the " Burbs" so it was good! Then we headed over to the football game. The team was there about 40 min early to warm up. Well we found out shortly, that the game wasn't last night, it is next week! So of course everyone that had gone out there wanted to play. So there I was sitting all the ground, in a little ball of clothes, I was still freezing, reading my book ( Which I just about finished, though I finished it this morning). After the game we headed back to the car, but since my fingers were frozen I had to make a trip to Starbucks. I'm becoming one of those people. I ordered a " nonfat, decaf, pumpkin spice latte". I think that's just about as complicated as I'll be getting. It sure was good! So when we got home, I quickly ran a nice HOT bath, and soaked for a while while continuing to read my book! What I nice evening!
Some of you might wonder " What book is she reading now?" We'll shortly after finishing the Twilight Sage, which once again I will say, EVERYONE READ IT!!! It was so good. I found a series, that is recommended for adults after Twilight. It's the Sookie Stackhouse Series,by Charlaine Harris. It's along the same lines, human falls in love with Vampire, and this one is a little racy, lots of " Adult content. If you are even a little interested and have HBO, there is actually a series on, on Sunday nights called True Blood, that is based on the first book! It's really good and goes with the book PRETTY well. So check it out!
We are heading to Ohio tomorrow morning, for a wedding weekend!:)So I'll check back after that!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He's Done...

Well, he's been done for a few days now, it's just that we've been spending all of our time together I didn't have a chance to post! Last Thursday concluded the " mid-term" portion of Adam's semester. Which just means, he goes to school at 6, gets home anywhere from 11PM-6AM. Since the day he got back from Japan he had been working none stop, so the only time we got to see each other was when I was leaving for work, or he was getting in from a late night. But I'm happy to say that is over, and we have 6 weeks until Finals start! So, since he had gotten about 10 hours of sleep in the last WEEK, we spend all of Friday at home, we slept in, made food, and watched all of our shows on the DVR that needed to be recorded! It was lovely!
Saturday, we had a birthday party! Aubrey turned on this weekend, so therefore I can no longer call her " baby"! She's such a big girl now! So we went out to the birthday party where they had a Bounce house for the kids, and beer and wine for the adults, and food and cake of course. It was a very chilly day, so the Janelle and Brian had a fire going, and it smelled sooo good. I got to see some old coworkers from when I took over for Janelle so she could be at home with Aubrey! Overall it was an exhausting day. Who would think a birthday party for a one year old could take it out of you? OH, but it did, I think Adam and I both went to bed at 8:30! It was kinda sad!
Sunday, we did about the same as we did on Friday, our goal was to not leave the house, and we were successful! I made pancakes for breakfast, and then we had an early dinner of meatloaf, which was Delicious! Then we continued to watch some of our shows!
Monday, I was trying to convince Adam not to go to his one class that morning and stay home with me, and surprisingly his class got cancelled, so it worked out perfectly! Though Adam didn't actually get out of bed until about 2:30, we made our way over to King of Prussia.( one of the biggest malls in the country) It's actually two malls, that are connected by a walkway! But it has just about every store you could think of, and every department store available up in the Northeast! Anyway, I was on a mission to find a dress for a wedding this week in Ohio, where it's supposed to be in the mid to upper 50's, and of course the wedding is outside!! COLD! Anyway, for winter approaching here, you would think there would be more sweater dressed, but the only place I found any that I halfway liked were Banana Republic, oh how I love that store!! Once again, I found what I was looking for there! So all is good! I'm set for the wedding!

This afternoon, I'm going to get my hair cut, then Adam and I are going to a nice dinner at Mercato( We just can't seem to get enough of each other:) I guess it's good we're married then!). It's a BYOB, so we can bring a good bottle of wine and don't have to pay a fortune for it! That's all for now, though I know it was a lot!

Oh yes, and we finally got our plans for Christmas settled, I'll tell everyone about that after the wedding this weekend! It's going to be beautiful, it's in a national forest, well ALL THE LEAVES ARE FALLING AND CHANGING!!:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Finished!!!

In two weeks I read the ENTIRE Twighlight Saga!!!! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an easy, addicting, interesting read!:) The last book, Breaking Dawn ( I have one chapter left) has left a little to be desired, but that's alright, becuase the other three were sooo good. Now I have to find another book becuase I'm working reception on Monday!!! If you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know!

We're Back!

We both made it! For the first time in our almost EIGHT years together, we both left town at the same time, only going to different places! Adam to Japan, and I went to Dallas! I think he might win in the coolness factor but oh well! I returned from my little vacation on Friday night, and he returned on Sunday night! It was so nice to seem him, though sad, because he didn't get a break. He got home and hit the ground running, FAST! Mid-terms are coming up, if there is anything I dislike about school it's mid-terms! He doesn't get home until late, and when he gets home, all he wants to do is sleep!

Once he uploads his pictures from Japan, I'll post some as well as some details as to what he was doing over there! All I really know is that he visited the two most popular cities in Japan, and looked at buildings!:) Oh... almost architects find that fun!

I'll update more later:)