Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Champs!

That's right, Adam and I live in a city that has a championship team! Last night the Philadelphia Phillies took home the win, to win the 2008 World Series! It was crazy here last night. Fireworks, and screaming, people I swear were even walking/ running down our street banging pans together. That's right, Pans, as in the ones you cook with!

Alright, now I must confess, though we live in Philly, we don't watch baseball. Therefore, when we found out that the Phillies had actually made it to the play offs we were astonished! The last we had heard was at the beginning of the VERY long baseball season, that the Phillies were losing every game they played so we paid, no attention. And, well, baseball might be the second most boring sport to watch. With golf being first of course! We are proud to say though they did it, they won, and this city is going crazy. They are shutting down most of downtown tomorrow for a parade. They are crazy about their sports!

But hey, who knows, the Cowboys could still pull it together! That would put this city in a state of shock!

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