Saturday, November 29, 2008

Merry Christmas to us!

Adam and I decided that we would buy a mutual Christmas gift, then have a set amount to other gifts. So after thinking long and hard about it, we decided we wanted a home theater system! We watch TV, it's what we do. We have two DVR's for our tv down stairs and one for our upstairs, becuase we wanted to watch more than we were able to record!!! We have a netflix subscription which we also watch regularly. So we bought ourselves a home theater system today! It's a Samsung system that has a Blu-ray player. We are sooo excited, netflix has blu-ray disks for $1 extra a month. Can it get any better than that?
Alright, so I have to admit, that our buying this was a little selfish, becuase it's really thrown the dogs and cat for a loop. When we were testing the speakers, Bailey just about freaked out. Which should have been expected since she is so afraid of thunder, it's kinda the same thing. Siren also didn't like the noise, but she is more disturbed becuase there is a speak on top of what used to be her spot, the cable box! So even though we feel sorry for our "Kids", they will get used to it. We love it to much to take back!:)

Thanksgiving was a blast. Almost everything we made was homemade, from homemade dinner rolls, to cheesecake. Everyone had a great time and the food was great. I'll post pictures whenever I get a chance!! Hope everyone had a great break from school, and had some quality time with family!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's so close!

Thanksgiving, it's right around the corner, which is a good thing. I'm tired of going to the store!:) I feel like that's the only place that I've been in the last week! Though Friday night, Adam and I had a date night. We went to this resturant called Distrito, it's a tapas place right by campus. The chef was actually on Iron Chef America against Bobby Flay, and he WON! Though I have not seen this challenge which kinda suprises me, we didn't even know he was on the show until after we got our reservations. But the food was amazing. After that we headed over to see new new Bond movie. Only knowing that we HAD to see Twilight this coming weekend. But it was a lot of fun:) Sunday night we went over to a friends for a Thanksgiving Dinner. A guy in Adam's class and his wife hosted it, and it was GREAT. I was excited becuase I wanted a Turkey dinner, but I knew I had to wait until Thursday, lucky for me we had one early.

I think I finally have EVERYTHING we need for Turkey Day! Laura will be here tomorrow night, and Eli, a friend from school ( Actually went to A&M also) will be coming to join us in a day of eating and football. Hopefully, I can stay awake for football, that might be asking to much though!!

Oh yes, and my Christmas cards arrived yesterday, now I have to look into who is going to be lucky enough to get one;) Just kidding, I already knew who does!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!:)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aren't you Jealous??

IT SNOWED TODAY! Alright, maybe it really only spit flurries out for like 10 min, but it snowed! It was so cold today, like a high of 38, with some serious wind!!! Winter is coming, and my poor husband is going to play in a football game outside tonight. I think he is CRAZY!!!

Not much going on here, just gearing up for Thanksgiving. I can't wait, all the food and football, and one family memeber if you don't count Adam. It's going to be great. I have been working all this week, so I have read a book, and have two more that I checked out from the library, which I'll probably get to at least one of them! Ive read 11 books since the middle of September, now that's impressive!!! Alright, this is a boring post so I'll think of something better to write about later!:)

Oh yes, I FINALLY ordered my Christmas cards!!! I hope they turn out well!:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

OH, What a weekend!

This weekend was possibly one of the best we've had in a long time! Adam worked long nights almost every night last week, but he got Friday and Saturday off. It was awesome. We got a chance to watch the movies we had, and cook and just spend some good quality time together! Sadly that time is over, and today Adam is back at school. Though he'll be back to watch the Cowboys game, which is finally on TV!!! Stupid Eagles.

Well since we were both home, of course we had to bake something. I had been looking at In the December section she made these great, red velvet cake balls. Well lets, just say they are AMAZING!!! What you do it just get a box mix of Red Velvet cake, bake it according to the box. Let it cool, then crumble it into a bowl and combine with a container ( Though Adam and I think you could maybe use just half of the container) Cream cheese Icing. Then roll into balls, let them sit in the freezing for a little while, then coat them with melted chocolate bark. I Used Bakers dipping chocolate because we don't have Chocolate Bark here.
That is her link, and OF course mine looked at beautiful as hers!!

I'm working all this week, so I went to the Library and checked out THREE books!! I will have to go mid week to get a few more, if I continue to read one a day!!! A week and a Half until THANKSGIVING!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I need a cookie jar...

Last year at work, we did a gift exchange and my gift was a snowman cookie jar, filled with homemade sugar cookies:) ( it was passed around as many times as the game allowed, though I think it was just for the cookies) Anyway, as I was making snicker doodles last night, to offset my calorie expenditure from my boot camp class, I was thinking how I to needed a Christmas cookie jar! Something like this but BETTER!

I also realized last night, that Thanksgiving is TWO weeks from today, and I haven't really even begun to think about what all I'm going to be cooking! Laura is coming in from NYC to spend the weekend with us, so between the three of us, we'll have WAY to much food for just three people! Oh well, more leftovers for the football games!

Not a whole lot going on with us, Adam is getting closer and closer to finals, which means I'm seeing less and less of him. I guess that comes hand and hand with going to am Ivy League school, to get your Masters Degree! I can't wait until he is done!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I failed...

I was trying to post everyday this month in honor of National Blog month, but I failed.. oh well! I was doing better things, like going to bonfires! That's right, two bonfires in two weeks, when I hadn't ever been to one before, it's pretty amazing!
A guy from Adam's school has a house about an hour outside of the city, that sits on 2 acres of land, which is perfect for a get together. So we decided we would make the trip out there, because it was supposed to be a great day. Once we found out that Louie and Bailey were also invited, we were for SURE going. We even stayed the night.
That's right folks, we have gone out to parties for the last two weekends. You see we are your typical " old married couple" and we have been since we started dated. Which is kind of sad, because that was when we were 15, and still in High School. We have always just prefer ed each other's company in a low key setting with our " kids"! But we managed to get out since they were also invited. Let me tell you, even with Bailey on a dose of Zanex, they were still the life of the party!
They got all kinds of treats, from hot dogs, to smores, they were living the good doggie life!!

All the boys at some point in the night, went and played tackle, Marco, Polo. How no one, got terribly injured is beyond me, because it was like 2 AM in the morning, and lets just say, the keg was DRY!!! But we had a GREAT time, and it was nice to get out and both of us be about to relax and have a great time!
And not only did we have a great time, EVERYONE did!!! haha good picture of the boys

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When did it become okay??

When did it become okay, to put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, or Halloween, in the case of areas around here?

For as long as I can remember, you weren't supposed to get out those decorations until the day after Thanksgiving, let alone getting them out BEFORE Halloween! Janelle and I were strolling through, what might be the biggest mall in the country, King of Prussia, and I noticed that the HUGE Christmas tree in the center of the place was already up and decorated! Alright,alright, it was Halloween that day, but you get the picture. Then, Janelle told me that SANTA CLAUSE was going to be at the mall for pictures starting NOVEMBER 15. How crazy is that?

On my way home from the gym tonight, I drove by a house that always decorated to the nines, and they had taken their glow in the dark pumpkins down, and strung Christmas lights in the tree, and changed their porch lights to be green and red. CRAZY!!! Especially since it gets SO dark here so fast these days. I am talking 5 PM it looks like it's 10. It's crazy!! Anyway, just wanted to know, when do you put out your Christmas goodies? Me? Probably not until December 1 or something. We live in an area of the country that produces, the most BEAUTIFUL real trees, so last year Adam and I went to pick out our first real Christmas tree. Though, along with a real tree come, having to water it to keep it alive, and vacuuming, daily, if not hourly, to keep all the pine needles off the floor and out of the dogs and cat's mouth!!!

On another note: I read that it's national blog month, so I'm going to try to post everyday!:) Lets see if my life is that interesting!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

This is a day that will not matter the outcome, go into history books! For the first time I'm going to vote in the Presidential election. In 2004 I was away at school, and not registered in that city! But you bet that I'm going to be there this afternoon with the crowd after work!
Being that I live in a " Battleground" State, I'm sure glad that today is over soon! Our phone was ringing off the hook yesterday with people calling us to make sure we were going to be voting. We had BOTH a Obama, and a McCain volunteer call us to tell us where we were supposed to vote! We also received about 5, no maybe 10 Obama flyer's in the last 2 days. It's CRAZY! But I'll be there, being a good American, will you? I hope so!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is it really November?

I can't believe it! This weekend we went to two different Halloween parties! On Friday, I spent the day with Janelle and Aubrey, we ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory for Janelle's birthday and then I ran home, changed for party #1. I met Adam up at school for " happy hour" which is something the School of Design does every Friday. Free beer and occasionally free food. So we had a few beers then went to David and Leslie ( K-Fed and Brit Brit) to eat some pizza. Then we headed off to the party, where we were like the first ones there. I'll throw in that it was like 10 already or something! So we headed off to a bar to get a drink before going back to the party! It was a fun party, I was a little bummed, because my camera battery died, so I didn't get any pictures, so I'll have to steal them from Leslie when they get put online!

Party #2 was on Saturday. We headed out of the house about 10PM. I'm telling you, I don't know when we got so old, but that is just far to late for leaving the house for the first time! This party was also fun, drinking, and snacking on different snacks! It wasn't near as crowded as Friday's probably because it wasn't actually Halloween! On a side note, because I found out that I needed to dress up for both of these parties, the day before, I didn't really have much of a costume, I had some bunny ears and bow tie for the first party ( Original I know) but then I didn't wear anything for the second party. Adam on the other hand was Michael Phelps. It was a pretty good costume actually!
Needless to say, since we both are not used to go into the city to go to parties, it was a nice weekend, that involved lots of sleeping in, because we wouldn't get back to the house until 2 AM. So once I get some more pictures from other people I'll post more, but here are a few that I had!