Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aren't you Jealous??

IT SNOWED TODAY! Alright, maybe it really only spit flurries out for like 10 min, but it snowed! It was so cold today, like a high of 38, with some serious wind!!! Winter is coming, and my poor husband is going to play in a football game outside tonight. I think he is CRAZY!!!

Not much going on here, just gearing up for Thanksgiving. I can't wait, all the food and football, and one family memeber if you don't count Adam. It's going to be great. I have been working all this week, so I have read a book, and have two more that I checked out from the library, which I'll probably get to at least one of them! Ive read 11 books since the middle of September, now that's impressive!!! Alright, this is a boring post so I'll think of something better to write about later!:)

Oh yes, I FINALLY ordered my Christmas cards!!! I hope they turn out well!:)

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