Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tessa {7 Months}

Well well well, here we are another month gone.  Our little girl is growing up too fast.  This month was a great one.  She is developing into such a little person with likes and dislikes and a personality.

It's fun to watch the differences in her and her brothers at this point.  Speaking of brothers, boy does she love them.  Something fierce.  Lucky for her, they love her just as much.  She is sitting, and interacting with them, starting to steal things from them, and lets not forget, pulling their hair!  When she wakes up in the morning, they both rush to her room to greet her.

Speaking of sleeping, we hit the jackpot this month.  Well other than a few days when you were cutting your second tooth! You FINALLY figured out how to roll, and have been sleeping on your tummy.  Through the night.  For at least 11 hours.  It's bliss.  I am having to wake her most mornings to get into the car to take Dylan to school.  Luckily, she doesn't need to eat the second she gets up so I can just put her in the car and she can wait until we get home.

Her hair is really starting to come in.  I'm interested to see if it grows differently than the boys did, or if she will have a weird mullet type do until it gets really long! She is a smiley, easy going little girl these days.  She just goes with the flow which is SO nice.

She loves to eat.  She still gets pretty sparatic meals though.  Sometimes gets 3 meals a day, sometimes, none.  Just depends on what I've got going on.  This next month though I'm going to start putting her in a high chair when we are out, so she will probably get to eat more then.

Needless you say, we are looking forward to another fun filled month, with some visitors, and family pictures and lots of other things planned!  I know with the holiday's coming up, just like with my pregnancy, these months are going to FLY by.

7 Month Stats:
15 lbs 12 oz.
wearing 6 and 9 month sleepers
3 months onsies ( still) 6 Month if it's cold!
Sleeping 11 hours a night 
eating 2-4 oz of solids per sitting