Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Saving Grace

If it were not for this this face, I would be a TRUE mess.
Not that I am not, but it's hard not to have a smile on your face, when something so Innocent looks up at you. He doesn't know what has happened, and he won't understand for a LONG time. But every time I look at him whether I have tears in my eyes or am smiling at him, he reciprocates the look with a huge grin, that will undoubtedly put a smile on my face. It helps to know that she loved this little boy unconditionally and I know that she would be proud of me for carrying on with my life and living for my family.

For those of you who don't know. My Mom, passed away on April 22, after 12 excruciatingly long hours in the Er, and the ICU. She was always afraid to go to the Dr, therefore, once arriving at the hospital, she was diagnosed with stage four lung and liver Cancer,and as a result multisystem failure. It has been a shock to our systems, it all happened so fast and I'm not sure it has fully hit me yet, but in the mean time, I'm keeping myself busy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

" I don't wanna miss a thing..."

Yup, I sure did... I quoted an Aerosmith song. You all know which one it is! As I sit here waiting for Dylan to wake up from a nap, I was taking some time to reflect on the last 4 and half months ( Geez, he's growing up so fast.. stop it dammit!) I was thinking about how lucky we were to have an easy pregnancy, delivery and over all, easy baby. How everything that I've ever imaged happening, happening with the greatest of ease. Though I suppose it would be more conventional if Adam had a job;)
But being unemployed has been the greatest blessing in disguise. I always knew that I wanted to be a stay at home Mom. Adam knew early in our relationship that was what I wanted also, and well, he stuck with me so I guess he doesn't mind it. But little did I know that he was going to get to be a stay at home dad, for at least a good portion of our son's infancy. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Luckily we like each other, because well, we are with each other twenty four hours a day, most days!!! I feel so lucky that we have both been able to see Dylan's " firsts" Smile, laugh, cereal feeding,rolling over and all the many more things to come. Like I've said before, those first few months are kinda boring, all Dylan did there was lay there, eat and pee! But now that he is almost 5 months old, he is a joy. He wakes up with a smile on his face all the time, he laughs, has learned to roll over. We get to hang out outside in our shades and enjoy the beautiful Spring days, and go on walks with the doggies every night. I just think about how he did all these things during the day, and how I would have missed them had I been at work. Being a stay at home mom is tough, as I'm sure being a working mom is. Granted I know I've had it easier because Adam has been here to help, but I am pretty sure it would be so hard for me to leave my man during the day, we've grown so attached to each other, being away for a few hours is hard enough! It just reminds me every. single. day that I am so lucky to be able to stay at home with my little monkey man, and I don't take for granted one smile, laugh, scream, or cry. He is the light of my life, my greatest accomplishment, and of course I couldn't have done it without Adam. The other man in my life, who I don't know what I would do without! I Love you both!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Most Addictive Sounds ever?

So, being a stay at home mom means you start to watch all of those " daily shows" well because it's routine. Since moving back here, I have started to watch Rachael Ray, followed by Price is Right, then Jeopardy! Though most times I find her completely annoying, and can't stand to watch any of her shows on Food Network anymore, I do find myself interested in her morning show.

Anyway, back to why I bought it up... So yesterday they had the author of "Buyology" on and he was talking about how marketers are now using sound to draw consumers to their products. I'm not exactly sure how they came to the conclusion, but he was saying there are sounds that are the most addictive, and do you know what number one was? A baby laughing Which is soooo true! Hearing Dylan laugh, no matter what mood I'm in always brightens my day. So I don't find it hard to believe one bit. The number two most addictive you ask.... AN ATM MACHINE!!! Yes you got it, the noise the machine makes when you take money out. Maybe it's because in 3 years of marriage I haven't pulled money out of an ATM ( I can't seem to remember the code, it's some obscure code that Adam uses all the time.. I THINK it was his elementary school lunch line code... ( remember those??)) Anyway, I just don't get how that can be the number two. But like I said, I don't pull money out of an ATM, just Adams wallet!;)

Moral of the story, the quote I believe goes..." Laughter is the best medicine" But I'm going to change it too... "Baby laughter is the best medicine"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


There are not too many things in this world that I am obsessed with, Dylan of course I mean, how could I not be. He is the cutest little thing I've ever seen!!! Well This past fall I found something else that I can't seem to stop buying. Candles. Specifically the Slatkin and Co. Candles from Bath and Body Works. They are expensive. I don't buy them unless they are on sale, which they often are. In the Fall I bought, Leaves, and Cinnimon Pumpkin, for The Winter I bought Peppermint, and Frosted Cranberry. And spring and summer I bought, Pomegranate Lemonade, and Summer Orchard. They are amazing. This are seriously the best candles that I have ever smelled. They fill my house with the scent, and they last a long time. I still have some of all the other season's smells left for next year. So check out these candles. They are $19.50 a piece, but you can usually find them for 2 for $20, if you are patient!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Like Father, Like Son...

That's my boy. Dylan had his 4 month pedi appointment this morning, so we got his stats. They were as follows:

at 4 months and 6 days
12lbs 8 oz, and 25 inches long.

He's in the 18-20% for weight, and 50th for height. So he is going to be a long and lean little fellow. The Dr. even said he was really active for his age. He was kicking up a storm, and tearing the paper on the table all up!!! But he said because he is sooo active that he has a perfectly round head!!! So that's a plus! But over all it was a successful appointment, and Dylan did really well with his two shots, and has been sleeping the day away. It's hard to be him!!!

Flower Bed's tomorrow!!! YEY!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This past Easter weekend was not only memorable because it was Dylan's first Easter( though he didn't get a basket this year, I though it was a little bit silly... ) But he was also Baptized on Saturday night, while wearing his Daddy's outfit from 25 years ago. This was the first time that the Rev. had confirmed the dad, married the parents and then baptized the baby. So it was a special time for everyone!
There were two babies being Baptized that night, and well, it might be possible that the other little one made more noise than Dylan, though about 45 min into the service, he wasn't a happy camper because that was about an hour and half past his bedtime! Whoever thought that having babies out past like 8 was a silly person. He was just so excited by all the new things he was fighting sleep so bad! After about 10 oz.s of food, he finally fell asleep though, and then he was a little angle for the reception.It was a fun time though, Andrew came into town for it, since he was named the God Father after all. Who better than the best man from our wedding right? We enjoyed a few lunches and beers with he and his lady friend Holly, and fun was had by all.

Could it look like we were standing any further away from each other!??? haha GREAT photo composition if I do say so myself!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Week this week!

There are big things going on this week. First off, Adam had an interview like a month ago, remember when I mentioned it? Well, he finally got a second interview. This place isn't really moving very quick on the process, but he had his second interview on Monday.He is one of three final candidates, and hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow. Making it to the final three when there were over 107 applicants isn't to bad I don't think!

This afternoon, we went and got our herb garden started. We decided last night while sitting outside drinking ritas, we wanted to do it. So we went and bought some today. I think we got, Thyme, Dill, Cilantro ( for Adam) Basil, Oregano, and some catnip for siren. It took her all of like 10 minuets to find it, then she was ALL over it. I had to put it outside! So that will be tomorrow's task!!Tonight, we have another date night to a Dallas Summer Musical. We're seeing Xanadu this time. It should make for a good time!!! We love musicals!!!

Thursday morning, we go to Dylan's 4 month appointment. He will be getting some shots, and hopefully the OK to start trying out some real food! That should be fun. We're excited to see how much he weights. According to our home scale he is probably only about 12.5... still our little peanut!

And most exciting to me, for some reason is... We are having our flower beds and trees lined on Friday! We're having them lined with the stone that is on the elevation of out house. It's going to look so good, don't worry, I'll show some before and after pictures. Probably shortly after having them done, I'll be heading to the nursery to plant some pretty flowers in them. The trick will be to just make sure I keep them alive!

Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Months!

Yup, I said it, Dylan is now FOUR months old!! Where does the time go!? These posts sound the same just about every month! So what has our sweet boy been up to this month? Lets see:

You is still in 0-3 month clothes with plenty of room to groove, though Adam said you'll be in 3-6 by next month. We'll see!

We moved you to size 2 diapers like a day before your 4 month-day! they are really pretty big on your belly, but you know!

You have quite the routine set up. Bath at 7-7:30 PM, bottle , then bed around 8. For most of the month, we would feed you before we went to bed around midnight, but about a week ago, we let it slide to see if you would sleep, and guess what... YOU DID!!!! 8-8! It's fantastic and I hope you keep it up!

You LOVE your daddy. You smile and laugh at him whenever he looks at you!!! He even got a few belly laughs out of you this month!

Your personality is starting to show even more, my little monkey, and I love picking you up out of your crib in the morning because you are soooo happy!!!

Oh and your fists. You FOUND THEM!!! Your hands are always in your mouth, though not your thumbs, maybe that's a good thing? You also have given up on the paci,you have zero interest!

You also found your knees and feet. Though you don't put your feet in your mouth yet, but I feel like this might be the month for that and you always put your hands on your knees which is adorable!!

I am not sure if you are going to know what your name is though, because we don't ever call you by it. You are known as... Monkey, Buddy, Little Man, Pumpkin, sweet potato... really any food;)
This second picture is when Daddy was there, the first one... just mommy, see he loves his daddy!