Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Week this week!

There are big things going on this week. First off, Adam had an interview like a month ago, remember when I mentioned it? Well, he finally got a second interview. This place isn't really moving very quick on the process, but he had his second interview on Monday.He is one of three final candidates, and hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow. Making it to the final three when there were over 107 applicants isn't to bad I don't think!

This afternoon, we went and got our herb garden started. We decided last night while sitting outside drinking ritas, we wanted to do it. So we went and bought some today. I think we got, Thyme, Dill, Cilantro ( for Adam) Basil, Oregano, and some catnip for siren. It took her all of like 10 minuets to find it, then she was ALL over it. I had to put it outside! So that will be tomorrow's task!!Tonight, we have another date night to a Dallas Summer Musical. We're seeing Xanadu this time. It should make for a good time!!! We love musicals!!!

Thursday morning, we go to Dylan's 4 month appointment. He will be getting some shots, and hopefully the OK to start trying out some real food! That should be fun. We're excited to see how much he weights. According to our home scale he is probably only about 12.5... still our little peanut!

And most exciting to me, for some reason is... We are having our flower beds and trees lined on Friday! We're having them lined with the stone that is on the elevation of out house. It's going to look so good, don't worry, I'll show some before and after pictures. Probably shortly after having them done, I'll be heading to the nursery to plant some pretty flowers in them. The trick will be to just make sure I keep them alive!

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