Thursday, April 8, 2010

Like Father, Like Son...

That's my boy. Dylan had his 4 month pedi appointment this morning, so we got his stats. They were as follows:

at 4 months and 6 days
12lbs 8 oz, and 25 inches long.

He's in the 18-20% for weight, and 50th for height. So he is going to be a long and lean little fellow. The Dr. even said he was really active for his age. He was kicking up a storm, and tearing the paper on the table all up!!! But he said because he is sooo active that he has a perfectly round head!!! So that's a plus! But over all it was a successful appointment, and Dylan did really well with his two shots, and has been sleeping the day away. It's hard to be him!!!

Flower Bed's tomorrow!!! YEY!

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