Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Months!

Yup, I said it, Dylan is now FOUR months old!! Where does the time go!? These posts sound the same just about every month! So what has our sweet boy been up to this month? Lets see:

You is still in 0-3 month clothes with plenty of room to groove, though Adam said you'll be in 3-6 by next month. We'll see!

We moved you to size 2 diapers like a day before your 4 month-day! they are really pretty big on your belly, but you know!

You have quite the routine set up. Bath at 7-7:30 PM, bottle , then bed around 8. For most of the month, we would feed you before we went to bed around midnight, but about a week ago, we let it slide to see if you would sleep, and guess what... YOU DID!!!! 8-8! It's fantastic and I hope you keep it up!

You LOVE your daddy. You smile and laugh at him whenever he looks at you!!! He even got a few belly laughs out of you this month!

Your personality is starting to show even more, my little monkey, and I love picking you up out of your crib in the morning because you are soooo happy!!!

Oh and your fists. You FOUND THEM!!! Your hands are always in your mouth, though not your thumbs, maybe that's a good thing? You also have given up on the paci,you have zero interest!

You also found your knees and feet. Though you don't put your feet in your mouth yet, but I feel like this might be the month for that and you always put your hands on your knees which is adorable!!

I am not sure if you are going to know what your name is though, because we don't ever call you by it. You are known as... Monkey, Buddy, Little Man, Pumpkin, sweet potato... really any food;)
This second picture is when Daddy was there, the first one... just mommy, see he loves his daddy!

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Court's Blog said...

Love the laughing pic!!! He is so excited!