Friday, April 16, 2010

Most Addictive Sounds ever?

So, being a stay at home mom means you start to watch all of those " daily shows" well because it's routine. Since moving back here, I have started to watch Rachael Ray, followed by Price is Right, then Jeopardy! Though most times I find her completely annoying, and can't stand to watch any of her shows on Food Network anymore, I do find myself interested in her morning show.

Anyway, back to why I bought it up... So yesterday they had the author of "Buyology" on and he was talking about how marketers are now using sound to draw consumers to their products. I'm not exactly sure how they came to the conclusion, but he was saying there are sounds that are the most addictive, and do you know what number one was? A baby laughing Which is soooo true! Hearing Dylan laugh, no matter what mood I'm in always brightens my day. So I don't find it hard to believe one bit. The number two most addictive you ask.... AN ATM MACHINE!!! Yes you got it, the noise the machine makes when you take money out. Maybe it's because in 3 years of marriage I haven't pulled money out of an ATM ( I can't seem to remember the code, it's some obscure code that Adam uses all the time.. I THINK it was his elementary school lunch line code... ( remember those??)) Anyway, I just don't get how that can be the number two. But like I said, I don't pull money out of an ATM, just Adams wallet!;)

Moral of the story, the quote I believe goes..." Laughter is the best medicine" But I'm going to change it too... "Baby laughter is the best medicine"

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