Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Givaway

I recently purchased a new product that I love. I love it so much, I'm going to give one of my lucky readers one! So keep an eye out early next week for details!:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last weekend, Adam and I took a little Vacation of sorts. We headed to the great state of Nevada. The weather was cool, perfect actually. The company was grand. And we didn't lose money! Adam loves to gamble, you see. I'm pretty indifferent on it, I love it if I'm winning, but hate it if I'm losing.

We met up with our friend David, from Penn, and his sister,brother in law, girlfriend, and her brother. They are all New Yorkers. Not much of gamblers either. They spent a lot of time at the pool. 80 degrees is a little too chilly for me to be at a pool, and well, it's warmer here, so i'll hang by a pool later!:)

We saw a show , ate at nice restaurants, they drank many cocktails, I had shirley temples. One picture was taken, a REALLY comfy bed was slept on, though not as much as I would have liked. I do believe a good time was had by all.

Adam and I ended up about $500 ahead for the trip, but mostly it was me. I won all the money, I don't mean to brag, but I'm much more lucky that Adam!:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meal Plan

Late as usual:)

Monday: Slider assortment. Adam got creative with different flavors!:) And Onion Rings

Wednesday: Birthday dinner for Adam's Dad.

Thursday: Chicken Poppy Seed Casserole ( I use a slightly different recipe, but this one is close enough!) Steamed veggie mix.

Friday: Charity Dinner event.

Saturday: Possibly Chicken Parm, but maybe out or ordering in. We are going to be all alone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Be Neighborly...

So I'm really behind, but I'm going to start with this post.

So, we really have lucked out with our neighbors. The ones to both sides of us are friendly, we have each other cell phone numbers, and we wave every time we see each other. Across the street is the same thing. But, behind us is another story. One of the city ordnance's is Murphy is "no alleys" , which generally we love, but that means we share a fence with our neighbors. The neighbors behind us have an outside dog that Bailey loves to bark at, and run up and down the fence with. All cute, until we realize we don't have any grass growing up there!;) Well, the key word there was barking. You see, Bailey is a barker. She barks all the time, but never because she is upset, but because she is playing, or she hears someone! Well, apparently some of our neighbors can't just tune it out like we can!:) We have no idea what house it is, but they are for sure annoying. It started in January when Becca and her family were over for dinner. We put the dogs outside. We were upstairs when we noticed there was a cop at our door. THEY CALLED THE COPS! For the barking dog. The cop as really nice, didn't really care, asked us to bring them in. Sure thing Officer. Then, last month, my sister came over to take Dylan for the weekend. In exchange for my kiddo, I took hers, two beagle- basset puppies. FIVE DOGS. we put them outside. Literally, 20 min later, animal control showed up at my door. Someone had called the cops, for a barking dog. Mind you, it was 11 AM. I can completely understand if it was midnight. But COME ON. The latest, which spurred this post, was last weekend. Erin and Michelle were over, and we had put the dogs out that morning. Bailey started barking, so we brought her in. We were upstairs, I saw a cop slowly driving by, with his window's down. Adam went outside to talk to him. We just want to know who is calling on us. We want to give them our number, so they can call us instead of the cops. The Officer was more than willing to provide us with that information, but get this. They gave OUR address as the "caller". How Annoying.

So the point of this post. As someone who has been there, If you have a problem with a neighbor, GO TALK TO THEM!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Menu?

Sorry guys, it's been busy around here! This week we tried a few new recipes that we all three enjoyed, so I thought this was a good menu to post!

Monday: Southwest Beef wraps, Black Beans, mexican rice

Tuesday: Celebrated Grandma Lou's 86th Birthday at The Mercury! LOVE THIS PLACE

Wednesday: I was lazy, so we had burgers from BoomerJacks. The burgers were good, the fries sucked.

Friday: Erin and Michelle are coming for the weekend, Adam has poker, so we are ordering in indian food!:)

Saturday: Smoked pulled Pork, PW Baked Beans, and probably something else, green!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kidlet #2

Yup, in case you missed this. WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! I made my announcement, then got bombarded with the questions. You know, How far along are you? when are you due? How far apart are they going to be? Were you trying, or was it a surprise? Do you want a girl this time? You know those. So today I'm here to answer them!

How far along are you? I am 13.5 weeks. Friday is my "week changer" So I'll be 14 weeks on Friday!

When are you due? October 7th is the official date. Dylan came 8 days early, so we shall see!

How far apart are they going to be? They will be roughly 22 months apart.

Were you trying? Yes. I always said I didn't want 2 under 2, but well, I got impatient. Of course you never think it will happen quickly, then it does and you go " Uh Oh, Dylan won't be 2 yet:)"

Do you want a girl? Of course I want a girl. I want one of each. Though, honestly, I can't picture myself with a girl now that I have Dylan. This will most likely NOT be our last baby, so if I don't get a girl this time, there is still time. Now, if you ask Adam this he will say " Yes, because then maybe she will pause a little longer before wanting another one" ;)

It's fun to compare the two pregnancies. So far they have been just alike. I would also like to thank my Mom, for passing along the no morning sickness genes. She always said she never got sick with Erin and I, and well, I haven't gotten sick either. Lets hope I don't. I got a stomach thing that Dylan passed along to me, and it wasn't fun!:(

I have no idea or guesses as to what this baby will be, though I have had two dreams it was a girl, and I don't remember any dreams like that with Dylan. So I hope that answers all your questions, if not, feel free to email me!:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So Fresh and so clean!

This year for my birthday, I asked Adam for one thing. He would not buy it for me though, he said it was " the lamest gift ever" I did not feel like it was. Turns out, I was right. I wanted a steam mop. Could I sound anymore " Betty Homemaker"? I know I know, I have said over and over again I don't like to clean. Unless it's fun! I love to vacuum, it's probably my favorite thing to do. No matter how messy my living room is, if I vacuum, I feel like it's clean. Any who, I knew I wanted one, and I don't do anything half-assed if you will, so I started researching steam mops. I learned so many things. The most important one being, that the steam has to get to a certain temperature in order to actually sterilize the floor. Of course, that was the reason I wanted one. Dylan was still crawling at that point, and it was really gross to see how brown his socks got. Granted we have lived here for almost 2 years, and I don't think I had EVER mopped. Gross right? We have beige tile, it hides dirt well. With 3 dogs, a cat and a toddler I needed it to sanitize.

I'm sure you all are on the edge of your seats wondering if the one steam mop you've heard of, The Shark, will sterilize your floors. The answer is, NO. Apparently, according to my Internet research, the steam doesn't get hot enough. I ended up going with the Consumer Reports top pick for a cleaner. I chose the Eureka EnviroSteamer.

Thanks to a Amazon gift card from Laura, my sister in law, I purchased my steam cleaner. The best part? It's not that expensive. It's only $65 on amazon. Now, I've only used this thing a few times, but I love it. It has these clothes that you use, which are machine washable, though I read not to dry them, and I'll tell you what, they are always really gross when I'm done with my floors. Granted, it does take some time to mop, you've got to go slow to make sure you're getting the floor nice and clean. But I don't have to scrub a thing. Got a spot? Just sit the steamer over it for a few extra seconds and it comes right off. I can do my whole kitchen on one tank of water, so refilling isn't that big of a deal! Overall, I'm super happy with my purchase, and I have no reason to have dirty floors.

Friday, April 1, 2011


He seems to be happy with his new status!