Monday, April 25, 2011

Be Neighborly...

So I'm really behind, but I'm going to start with this post.

So, we really have lucked out with our neighbors. The ones to both sides of us are friendly, we have each other cell phone numbers, and we wave every time we see each other. Across the street is the same thing. But, behind us is another story. One of the city ordnance's is Murphy is "no alleys" , which generally we love, but that means we share a fence with our neighbors. The neighbors behind us have an outside dog that Bailey loves to bark at, and run up and down the fence with. All cute, until we realize we don't have any grass growing up there!;) Well, the key word there was barking. You see, Bailey is a barker. She barks all the time, but never because she is upset, but because she is playing, or she hears someone! Well, apparently some of our neighbors can't just tune it out like we can!:) We have no idea what house it is, but they are for sure annoying. It started in January when Becca and her family were over for dinner. We put the dogs outside. We were upstairs when we noticed there was a cop at our door. THEY CALLED THE COPS! For the barking dog. The cop as really nice, didn't really care, asked us to bring them in. Sure thing Officer. Then, last month, my sister came over to take Dylan for the weekend. In exchange for my kiddo, I took hers, two beagle- basset puppies. FIVE DOGS. we put them outside. Literally, 20 min later, animal control showed up at my door. Someone had called the cops, for a barking dog. Mind you, it was 11 AM. I can completely understand if it was midnight. But COME ON. The latest, which spurred this post, was last weekend. Erin and Michelle were over, and we had put the dogs out that morning. Bailey started barking, so we brought her in. We were upstairs, I saw a cop slowly driving by, with his window's down. Adam went outside to talk to him. We just want to know who is calling on us. We want to give them our number, so they can call us instead of the cops. The Officer was more than willing to provide us with that information, but get this. They gave OUR address as the "caller". How Annoying.

So the point of this post. As someone who has been there, If you have a problem with a neighbor, GO TALK TO THEM!

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