Monday, March 29, 2010

One year ago...

I found out that we would be getting the greatest gift ever! Granted I didn't know that it was going to be Dylan at the time it was " cookie" yes, that's what we refered to Dylan as before we knew he was a in fact a he! Anyway, it's been such a fast year. He'll be 18 before I know it. This was such a fast year, and I can't wait to see what kind of a little boy, then man he grows up to be!

Friday, March 26, 2010

" Nope, wrong number"

That's why I don't answer my home phone line. I know you are wondering " why do you even HAVE a home line?" Short and simple answer... Alarm System! Can't have on without the other! Anyway, back to the point. No one ever calls us on this line other than our parents when they can't reach other on our cells. So we don't even both to get up to look who it is most of the time!

Well apparently we have a phone number one number off from a vet hospital, an electric sales company, and a plumber. A few months ago, we received three back to back calls around 5 AM... it was annoying, but neither one of us wanted to get up to see who it was. so we didn't. Later, probably a MONTH later, I finally checked out messages. I felt so bad. It was a woman who's dog or something had been bitten by something and was bleeding. Needless to say, she was REALLY pissed at the vet because he just wasn't calling her back. Then I wonder to myself..." did you NOT hear, You've reached the Fenner's we're not here please leave a message?" Did she think she heard the vet on the voicemail? I guess so. So either way, I hope her animal was alright!

Earlier this week, we got a voicemail saying that this company was receiving tons of our faxes. They were in fact not a vet, but an electrical sales company, so that I should tell whoever was sending faxes for me to get the correct number!;) When she didn't even have the right one!

Then this morning three consecutive phone calls again. On the third I finally answered... this was the conversation. " Hello", "yeah this is Suzan Wells, I think I have the wrong number but, is this the plumbers office?" Nope, you've got the wrong number" Oh ok thanks. Then what did she do? CALLED RIGHT BACK!!!!!! This time I didn't answer though! GEEZ... That doesn't make me want to check to see who is calling anymore!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

baby laughs... good for a giggle!

As requested...

Courtney requested that I do a blog post about my newest and latest attempt to lose some weight!:) Lets face it, having a baby kinda reeks havoc on ones body! I've never been one who loves working out, I think it was years of required running during soccer that really ruined it for me. I HATE IT!!! Right before I got pregnant, I had gotten into a gym routine in Philly. Well, of course once I knew about the baby, that was a GREAT excuse to not go anymore, so I didn't. I didn't work out for the entire 9 months, and luckily I only gained the ( Maximum) recommended amount of weight, at 35 lbs. Which could have been a lot worse I suppose, and I'm not complaining. Everyone says that breastfeeding will make you drop the weight, but just like every baby is different, ever momma is too. I lost about 20 lbs REAL quickly, but then I stopped. I think it might have been because I wasn't making much, therefore my body was hanging onto EVERY calorie I put in my body? That's what I tell myself at least. I've been back in my pre-pregnancy jeans for about two months now, so that's good, but I'm still not terribly happy with my body, hence the need for P90X!

I actually had been thinking about ordering it for about a month before I actually did. Even though I'm only three days into, I'm really glad that I did. I'm not one to self motivate, I've always come up with excuses, always liked the classes at the gym because I need someone to push me. Well, this does. Adam has decided to do it with me ( when he's feeling like it) so that's nice. I can definitely see how it works. Even though there are specific days for specific areas, every day you are working muscles everywhere. For example: Today was arms and shoulders, and Abs.. well all those muscles were already sore from the first two days! I'm doing the "Lean" version, which focus's more on cardio and building lean muscles than bulking up, because, well I don't need to bulk up!!! So there you have it, I'm 3 days into it and going strong, though tomorrow I might not be able to hold my son! But hopefully in 90 days I can say that I like the way I look, and it was worth it.

I also got a really good price on it. I ordered it from a place called TheDVDcity dot com. They are in China, but I only paid $65 for all the DVD'S, book, and the nutrition guide. And so far so good, no scratched DVD's or anything!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I think before you are really truly a parent, you don't really know what unconditional love is. Though Dylan came into our lives almost four months ago, I still find myself looking at him in sheer amazement. I can't believe that Adam and I created this perfect little boy. After feeding Dylan the other night I asked Adam, " Is it weird that sometimes I still cry when I look at him?" You know what my husband's answer was... " nope, I get teary eyed sometimes too!" You see, Dylan is getting to be such a big boy, he doesn't really take naps on my tummy anymore. Something that I dearly miss already:( So the other night when I was feeding him and he fell asleep in my arms, I just sat there and rocked him in the chair for probably a good thirty minutes. He's soo sweet when he is sleeping, not that he isn't when he is awake, but there is just something about a sleeping baby. So there you have it, even though I had been told MANY times to enjoy them when they are young, and I listened but the phase in his life where he wanted to sleep on me is over, and it makes me sad. But I couldn't be any more in love with him, or his daddy, who takes such great care of both of us! I know I'm not the only one to say this, but I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest lady in the land!;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girls Night

Oh what a night!!! This past Friday night I went out for girls night!! The day started off with Adam going to play golf with his dad, and Becca and Emily came over to hang out. This was Emily's first time to meet Dylan, and well of course she thought he was the cutest ( Other than talking about his ear hair... which I am happy to report seems to almost be gone, he must be rubbing it off like the hair on the back of his head!) Anyway, then we met up again for dinner at Casa Milago. There were about 7 of us, Me, Becca, Emily, Rachelle, Courtney and two girls that Becca went to college with. With the swirls being served we had a great time. Next we went over to Courtney's new house( and I got to meet her sweet little doggie!), where I think we managed for polish off 2 bottles of wine before leaving a mere thirty minutes later!;) Off to Houlihans we went. Where I was greeted with yet another High School reunion of sorts. I saw people I haven't seen in almost 6 years, that I had none since 1st grade. It's an off feeling. Overall though, I managed to live to see the next day, though getting out of bed was a task in and of itself. But I had a great time, and can't wait to do it again. It's a nice break from baby and the house. One of the few downsides of being a stay at home mommy... you see a lot of your house!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

You can call me... Mrs. Productive!

Yesterday, was a busy day in the Fenner house! It started off great with Dylan sleeping in until 10:30! His late night out must have caught up with him!! So once he was awake he ate, played and then, well went back to sleep, for a few hours. We were able to get lots done. I finished my project for the play room, Adam finished his, we changed out patio light ( now Adam will be able to see when he is grilling) I picked weeds in the back yard, and if I didn't get to clean enough of Dylan's poop during the day, I picked up dog crap in the back!!! There was about 7 months or so worth!;) Fun stuff!! But once Dylan starts playing back there, I'll have to do it more frequently I suppose!!!
Although the play room isn't done, and I won't post pictures until it is, I thought that I would show you some pieces of it, as well as something I made with my handy dandy sewing machine!!!

So, I know it isn't much, considering I took a sewing class in college, but here is a burp cloth made from scratch!!! We got a sewing machine so that I could make our own window treatments, which I haven't done yet, but I've made two burp cloths and a taggie blanket. One day maybe I'll get to those window treatments!!

Adam's project. A chalkboard for some coloring fun!!! we used chalkboard paint, it was pretty easy!!! It also works well, we already tried it out!!! ( This room is more for us for the next few years then for Dylan!!)

Here is where the reading area is going to be. We have a bean bag chair on it's way, but it's under a leaf... cute huh?

And last but not least.. My project. It's not completely done, so here is a little taste if you will...
So there you have it.. put it together in your mind if you must, but I will post pictures when it's all done.. hopefully in the next week or two!!!:) Oh.. I also ordered P90X so we'll see how that goes!;)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Date Night

Last night Adam and I had a date night. No, it's not the first since Dylan came into the picture, but it was a "special" date night. We went to see Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, at the Dallas Summer Musicals. You see, I asked for half season tickets to the DSM for Christmas this year. So this was the first of 4. Next month we're going to see Xanadu!
After a long busy day yesterday ( Play room is coming right along, and the nursery finally has a bookcase.... That I put together mostly on my own!) we dropped the little kiddo off with Grandma, and headed out. We had eaten a late lunch, so we weren't terribly hungry, so we stopped at Northpark and got a smoothie from Jumba Juice, and a pretzel dog from Auntie Annes ( whoever invented those... I LOVE YOU!) After that pit stop we headed to the show. It was great, though we were in the small group of people under the age of 50, and didn't know a good number of the songs, but you know, it was fun anyway! They did play some we knew, like Revolution, Hello/goodbye song, and their encore performance was Imagine, and Hey Jude!! Two of my all time favs! ( Which reminds me, I am going to get the Across the Universe soundtrack on my Ipod!)
We have another busy day ahead of us today, some more play room stuff. Oh an I've been so " crafty " lately, making all kinds of things with me sewing machine, and with my own two hands!!! Becca and Carson are going to come over an hang out with us some time too, so it'll be a busy rest of the week probably. I've taken a few pictures I need to put up, so check back!;)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twenty Bucks... Well spent!

My Mom and I went to a huge semi-annual consignment sale here in Plano last weekend. I had a few things on my "to Buy list" one being an excersaucer or jumper of some kind. Dylan is quite the little kicker, so I thought that I would broaden his horizon's with a new toy. I am pretty hesitant to buy him large things, well because I don't wanna waste the money on them, and I am slowly but surely losing living room space!!! But I knew he would like a jumper of some kind! So off my mom and I went to the sale, an hour early to wait in line! So we walk in and low and behold, there are a few jumpers and several exersaucers! I find one that is animal themed, because well, I'm just drawn to them. 28 Bucks. WOW, great deal. Keep going, see the EXACT same thing for 19!! Score. ( It's 99 at Babies r' Us!)
So I put my name on it to purchase it. Little did I know, it would be the best 19 bucks ever spent! Dylan loves it. Granted, he can't reach the grown, thus we have made the ground come to his feet, by putting a pillow under it for him to stand on. Now, he doesn't quite jump per say, but he marches. One foot after the other, just as if he were walking. A little practice can't hurt right?

Adam and I have started on his( our) play room, so hopefully there will be pictures to come of that!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stroller what?

I think there comes a time in every one's life that they realize, the things they thought they were good at as a kid, well they weren't. As well as the things they thought they could still do like they when they were kids, well again, they can't.
This kinda happened to me when I was like in high school You see, I used to dance. That's right, I wasn't a sports player until the 4th grade. I danced. ALOT. I took everything they offered. Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Clog ( oh yeah clog). I was on the competition team, if you will, there were only two of us. We always won the showstopper competitions and everything. I thought that we were amazing. Until one day I ran across the Video tape of our competition dance. All I have to say, is that there must have only been one "team" in our age group... US. We were HORRIBLE!!! Bad, not even the oh they are cute good, just BAD. I don't know how my mother watched me dance for so long. It was just sad!!! But that was when I learned that I couldn't ever dance, and well I haven't tried to since!!! But I learned another little something on Thursday.

Know don't get me wrong, I was never a great skater. The Christmas my sister and I got Rollerblade, our favorite move was called the butt buster. We would race down the street, then fall on our asses. I have no idea how that didn't hurt like hell, but well we thought that it was funny. I vividly remember called my parents outside to " judge" us on who fell the best. Yes, we were cool! So anyway, lost track again. Adam and I went to partake in the " Stay at home Mommy" fun that is stroller SKATING! Yes, four wheel skating at a skating rink. Did you know they still existed? I did not. There is a rink in Plano, not far from us, that does stroller skating on Thursday mornings from 9-12, for 4 bucks... yes 4 bucks, that's what I call cheap entertainment, as well as exercise.

Just to give you an idea of how " good" at skating I am, picture this. My husband wouldn't even let me hold onto the stroller at first, because I was sooo unstable. But I'm proud to say, I NEVER fell, though I might have pulled my groin muscle trying my damnedest to stay up!;) ( Not really though, at the time it did feel like it!) I finally got the hang of skating though and was able to push my stroller like a real mommy, but it was kind of embarrassing. My legs and butt hurt so bad from clinching holding myself up, so I would have to say it was a GREAT workout as well!!! I hope to go again next week, well because it's something different than wrestling with the dogs and the stroller walking around the block. ( I just can't leave the dogs at home, they get soo excited when I put tennis shoes on, they just know we're going on a walk, I can't break their little canine hearts. Though once we get outside, I almost always wanna kill them if we are alone. They don't get the concept of not crossing in front of the stroller, and well walking on the correct side of mailboxes!)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 Months

Wow, I hate to be a cliche, but WOW, these three months have gone by in a flash. 1/4 of a year old, that's how old my little boy is! So much has happened in the last month, it's hard to believe. Dylan is:
~Still in size one diapers
~0-3 month clothes, with room left to grow
~SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Since about Valentines day he sleeps from 10PM to 9 or 9:30 AM!!!
~Much more awake and alert during the day.
~Reaching and grabbing for his toys on his monkey mat
~Gives smiles away like candy

~Giggled for us in the bath, though that's only happened once. he did laugh at daddy during a diaper change
~I am not sure how much he weighs, but at his 2 month, he was 10 Lbs 3 Oz and 22 1/2 inches. 25% for both! Our little peanut!
~Still nurses in the morning and at night, with formula in between
~Refuses to have a blanket on his legs, unless he's sleeping. He'll just kick it off, over and over again!
~Rolls over, when he's in the mood of course. But I've gotten many tummy to back rolls
~Found his hands, and has them in his mouth a lot!
~Drools ALL THE TIME, I really should invest in some bibs!

Another month has gone by, it's still seems surreal that he is our baby, but we love it. I love that he is getting more personality, and that he can interact with us more. I'll be honest those first couple of months were kinda boring. All he did was lay there. But now he laughs, and smiles, and plays. I know some Mommy's might say other wise, but I can't wait until he is mobile!;) ( I'll probably learn my lesson once he is though!!!)

In other non- Dylan news- Cross your fingers, Adam had a job interview this morning, architecture jobs are starting to open up, so hopefully, he'll get something soon! I mean, come on who wouldn't wanna hire him!?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Aunt Laura

Dylan's Aunt Laura ( Adam's sister) came into to visit this past week. She lives in NYC for now, but come October is going to be moving to Sydney Australia. This was her first time to meet Dylan, and if I do say so myself, I think he kinda liked her. He would smile at her, and heck, he even let her ride in the back seat with him... No one really ever does, so this was definitely a privilege!

Laura coming into town, meant that she required visits to some of her favorite restaurants, some of which included, Pappasitos, Javier's, Black Eye'd Pea, and we even tried a BBQ place out by Lake Lavon that was pretty tasty! Big Mamma's BBQ I do believe! Of Course Adam and I tagged along for all of these meals, and I'm pretty sure that I gained like 5 pounds when she was here. Too much good food. Sadly we won't be seeing Laura again until September, when she makes her way from NYC to Dallas, before heading to Australia. Dylan will miss her I'm sure, but hey, it gives him something to look forward to in September!

Everyone was excited to see Aunt Laura, Even Bailey! Though I am pretty sure in this picture she is wondering what the big deal with the little human is!;)