Friday, March 26, 2010

" Nope, wrong number"

That's why I don't answer my home phone line. I know you are wondering " why do you even HAVE a home line?" Short and simple answer... Alarm System! Can't have on without the other! Anyway, back to the point. No one ever calls us on this line other than our parents when they can't reach other on our cells. So we don't even both to get up to look who it is most of the time!

Well apparently we have a phone number one number off from a vet hospital, an electric sales company, and a plumber. A few months ago, we received three back to back calls around 5 AM... it was annoying, but neither one of us wanted to get up to see who it was. so we didn't. Later, probably a MONTH later, I finally checked out messages. I felt so bad. It was a woman who's dog or something had been bitten by something and was bleeding. Needless to say, she was REALLY pissed at the vet because he just wasn't calling her back. Then I wonder to myself..." did you NOT hear, You've reached the Fenner's we're not here please leave a message?" Did she think she heard the vet on the voicemail? I guess so. So either way, I hope her animal was alright!

Earlier this week, we got a voicemail saying that this company was receiving tons of our faxes. They were in fact not a vet, but an electrical sales company, so that I should tell whoever was sending faxes for me to get the correct number!;) When she didn't even have the right one!

Then this morning three consecutive phone calls again. On the third I finally answered... this was the conversation. " Hello", "yeah this is Suzan Wells, I think I have the wrong number but, is this the plumbers office?" Nope, you've got the wrong number" Oh ok thanks. Then what did she do? CALLED RIGHT BACK!!!!!! This time I didn't answer though! GEEZ... That doesn't make me want to check to see who is calling anymore!

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