Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 Months

Wow, I hate to be a cliche, but WOW, these three months have gone by in a flash. 1/4 of a year old, that's how old my little boy is! So much has happened in the last month, it's hard to believe. Dylan is:
~Still in size one diapers
~0-3 month clothes, with room left to grow
~SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Since about Valentines day he sleeps from 10PM to 9 or 9:30 AM!!!
~Much more awake and alert during the day.
~Reaching and grabbing for his toys on his monkey mat
~Gives smiles away like candy

~Giggled for us in the bath, though that's only happened once. he did laugh at daddy during a diaper change
~I am not sure how much he weighs, but at his 2 month, he was 10 Lbs 3 Oz and 22 1/2 inches. 25% for both! Our little peanut!
~Still nurses in the morning and at night, with formula in between
~Refuses to have a blanket on his legs, unless he's sleeping. He'll just kick it off, over and over again!
~Rolls over, when he's in the mood of course. But I've gotten many tummy to back rolls
~Found his hands, and has them in his mouth a lot!
~Drools ALL THE TIME, I really should invest in some bibs!

Another month has gone by, it's still seems surreal that he is our baby, but we love it. I love that he is getting more personality, and that he can interact with us more. I'll be honest those first couple of months were kinda boring. All he did was lay there. But now he laughs, and smiles, and plays. I know some Mommy's might say other wise, but I can't wait until he is mobile!;) ( I'll probably learn my lesson once he is though!!!)

In other non- Dylan news- Cross your fingers, Adam had a job interview this morning, architecture jobs are starting to open up, so hopefully, he'll get something soon! I mean, come on who wouldn't wanna hire him!?

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