Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Date Night

Last night Adam and I had a date night. No, it's not the first since Dylan came into the picture, but it was a "special" date night. We went to see Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, at the Dallas Summer Musicals. You see, I asked for half season tickets to the DSM for Christmas this year. So this was the first of 4. Next month we're going to see Xanadu!
After a long busy day yesterday ( Play room is coming right along, and the nursery finally has a bookcase.... That I put together mostly on my own!) we dropped the little kiddo off with Grandma, and headed out. We had eaten a late lunch, so we weren't terribly hungry, so we stopped at Northpark and got a smoothie from Jumba Juice, and a pretzel dog from Auntie Annes ( whoever invented those... I LOVE YOU!) After that pit stop we headed to the show. It was great, though we were in the small group of people under the age of 50, and didn't know a good number of the songs, but you know, it was fun anyway! They did play some we knew, like Revolution, Hello/goodbye song, and their encore performance was Imagine, and Hey Jude!! Two of my all time favs! ( Which reminds me, I am going to get the Across the Universe soundtrack on my Ipod!)
We have another busy day ahead of us today, some more play room stuff. Oh an I've been so " crafty " lately, making all kinds of things with me sewing machine, and with my own two hands!!! Becca and Carson are going to come over an hang out with us some time too, so it'll be a busy rest of the week probably. I've taken a few pictures I need to put up, so check back!;)

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