Monday, March 1, 2010

Aunt Laura

Dylan's Aunt Laura ( Adam's sister) came into to visit this past week. She lives in NYC for now, but come October is going to be moving to Sydney Australia. This was her first time to meet Dylan, and if I do say so myself, I think he kinda liked her. He would smile at her, and heck, he even let her ride in the back seat with him... No one really ever does, so this was definitely a privilege!

Laura coming into town, meant that she required visits to some of her favorite restaurants, some of which included, Pappasitos, Javier's, Black Eye'd Pea, and we even tried a BBQ place out by Lake Lavon that was pretty tasty! Big Mamma's BBQ I do believe! Of Course Adam and I tagged along for all of these meals, and I'm pretty sure that I gained like 5 pounds when she was here. Too much good food. Sadly we won't be seeing Laura again until September, when she makes her way from NYC to Dallas, before heading to Australia. Dylan will miss her I'm sure, but hey, it gives him something to look forward to in September!

Everyone was excited to see Aunt Laura, Even Bailey! Though I am pretty sure in this picture she is wondering what the big deal with the little human is!;)

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