Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twenty Bucks... Well spent!

My Mom and I went to a huge semi-annual consignment sale here in Plano last weekend. I had a few things on my "to Buy list" one being an excersaucer or jumper of some kind. Dylan is quite the little kicker, so I thought that I would broaden his horizon's with a new toy. I am pretty hesitant to buy him large things, well because I don't wanna waste the money on them, and I am slowly but surely losing living room space!!! But I knew he would like a jumper of some kind! So off my mom and I went to the sale, an hour early to wait in line! So we walk in and low and behold, there are a few jumpers and several exersaucers! I find one that is animal themed, because well, I'm just drawn to them. 28 Bucks. WOW, great deal. Keep going, see the EXACT same thing for 19!! Score. ( It's 99 at Babies r' Us!)
So I put my name on it to purchase it. Little did I know, it would be the best 19 bucks ever spent! Dylan loves it. Granted, he can't reach the grown, thus we have made the ground come to his feet, by putting a pillow under it for him to stand on. Now, he doesn't quite jump per say, but he marches. One foot after the other, just as if he were walking. A little practice can't hurt right?

Adam and I have started on his( our) play room, so hopefully there will be pictures to come of that!

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