Thursday, March 18, 2010

You can call me... Mrs. Productive!

Yesterday, was a busy day in the Fenner house! It started off great with Dylan sleeping in until 10:30! His late night out must have caught up with him!! So once he was awake he ate, played and then, well went back to sleep, for a few hours. We were able to get lots done. I finished my project for the play room, Adam finished his, we changed out patio light ( now Adam will be able to see when he is grilling) I picked weeds in the back yard, and if I didn't get to clean enough of Dylan's poop during the day, I picked up dog crap in the back!!! There was about 7 months or so worth!;) Fun stuff!! But once Dylan starts playing back there, I'll have to do it more frequently I suppose!!!
Although the play room isn't done, and I won't post pictures until it is, I thought that I would show you some pieces of it, as well as something I made with my handy dandy sewing machine!!!

So, I know it isn't much, considering I took a sewing class in college, but here is a burp cloth made from scratch!!! We got a sewing machine so that I could make our own window treatments, which I haven't done yet, but I've made two burp cloths and a taggie blanket. One day maybe I'll get to those window treatments!!

Adam's project. A chalkboard for some coloring fun!!! we used chalkboard paint, it was pretty easy!!! It also works well, we already tried it out!!! ( This room is more for us for the next few years then for Dylan!!)

Here is where the reading area is going to be. We have a bean bag chair on it's way, but it's under a leaf... cute huh?

And last but not least.. My project. It's not completely done, so here is a little taste if you will...
So there you have it.. put it together in your mind if you must, but I will post pictures when it's all done.. hopefully in the next week or two!!!:) Oh.. I also ordered P90X so we'll see how that goes!;)

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