Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stroller what?

I think there comes a time in every one's life that they realize, the things they thought they were good at as a kid, well they weren't. As well as the things they thought they could still do like they when they were kids, well again, they can't.
This kinda happened to me when I was like in high school You see, I used to dance. That's right, I wasn't a sports player until the 4th grade. I danced. ALOT. I took everything they offered. Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Clog ( oh yeah clog). I was on the competition team, if you will, there were only two of us. We always won the showstopper competitions and everything. I thought that we were amazing. Until one day I ran across the Video tape of our competition dance. All I have to say, is that there must have only been one "team" in our age group... US. We were HORRIBLE!!! Bad, not even the oh they are cute good, just BAD. I don't know how my mother watched me dance for so long. It was just sad!!! But that was when I learned that I couldn't ever dance, and well I haven't tried to since!!! But I learned another little something on Thursday.

Know don't get me wrong, I was never a great skater. The Christmas my sister and I got Rollerblade, our favorite move was called the butt buster. We would race down the street, then fall on our asses. I have no idea how that didn't hurt like hell, but well we thought that it was funny. I vividly remember called my parents outside to " judge" us on who fell the best. Yes, we were cool! So anyway, lost track again. Adam and I went to partake in the " Stay at home Mommy" fun that is stroller SKATING! Yes, four wheel skating at a skating rink. Did you know they still existed? I did not. There is a rink in Plano, not far from us, that does stroller skating on Thursday mornings from 9-12, for 4 bucks... yes 4 bucks, that's what I call cheap entertainment, as well as exercise.

Just to give you an idea of how " good" at skating I am, picture this. My husband wouldn't even let me hold onto the stroller at first, because I was sooo unstable. But I'm proud to say, I NEVER fell, though I might have pulled my groin muscle trying my damnedest to stay up!;) ( Not really though, at the time it did feel like it!) I finally got the hang of skating though and was able to push my stroller like a real mommy, but it was kind of embarrassing. My legs and butt hurt so bad from clinching holding myself up, so I would have to say it was a GREAT workout as well!!! I hope to go again next week, well because it's something different than wrestling with the dogs and the stroller walking around the block. ( I just can't leave the dogs at home, they get soo excited when I put tennis shoes on, they just know we're going on a walk, I can't break their little canine hearts. Though once we get outside, I almost always wanna kill them if we are alone. They don't get the concept of not crossing in front of the stroller, and well walking on the correct side of mailboxes!)

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Casey said...

I went stroller skating there with my sister in law and niece! Such a funny concept, yet also a great idea.