Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This past Easter weekend was not only memorable because it was Dylan's first Easter( though he didn't get a basket this year, I though it was a little bit silly... ) But he was also Baptized on Saturday night, while wearing his Daddy's outfit from 25 years ago. This was the first time that the Rev. had confirmed the dad, married the parents and then baptized the baby. So it was a special time for everyone!
There were two babies being Baptized that night, and well, it might be possible that the other little one made more noise than Dylan, though about 45 min into the service, he wasn't a happy camper because that was about an hour and half past his bedtime! Whoever thought that having babies out past like 8 was a silly person. He was just so excited by all the new things he was fighting sleep so bad! After about 10 oz.s of food, he finally fell asleep though, and then he was a little angle for the reception.It was a fun time though, Andrew came into town for it, since he was named the God Father after all. Who better than the best man from our wedding right? We enjoyed a few lunches and beers with he and his lady friend Holly, and fun was had by all.

Could it look like we were standing any further away from each other!??? haha GREAT photo composition if I do say so myself!

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